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**Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by matttcg, Apr 7, 2012.
  1. nicholars
    People moan a lot about comfort on the HE400, I can wear them for 4+ hours with no problems, they are not the most comfortable headphones, but not uncomfortable either. The HE560 looks nice for comfort.
  2. PhoenixClaw
    I agree. I have been using the TH-02 (extremely light) and iems before I got the HE-400. I was initially put off by comments about the weight but I have been able to wear them for several hours straight throughout the day, taking them off only when I leave my table.
  3. nicholars
    I think people complaining about the weight of the HE400 need to stop being p****s lol.
  4. Netforce
    Think about the he-400 as a nice way to work out the neck muscles while enjoying the sound. Having owned the he-400 for over a year the weight never really bothers me anymore.
    I bought my HE-400 off AndroidVageta, and received them this morning. It looks like he removed the cloth between the grills and the drivers, does removing it drastically affect the bass? Because in this configuration my D2000 (partial lawton modded) destroys the HE-400 in the bass area. The HE-400's bass is more precise, but the impact and sub-bass of the D2000 just blow it away. 
    I will definitely be doing mods of my own on these, I can't help but mod all my headphones to my own liking. The first thing I'll be doing is putting cloth in to compare the sound to how it is now.
  6. MattTCG
    For me, the he400 is about as heavy as I can take. There are other lighter planar mags...he4, pm-1 and the new hifiman's. And then you have the ridiculously heavy Audeze line. [​IMG]
  7. nicholars
    The D2000 have more bass, more impact and more reverb, and overall one of the best basshead headphones, but the HE400 with mods (sub bass mod, jergmod, EQ) can do some very nice bass with enough impact, its just different from the D2000 because it has much less reverb and is more accurate, also it cannot go quite as low as the D2000. As an ex D2000 owner (wish I did not sell them now they are discon) I now prefer the HE400 bass and if I used the D2000 again I think the amount of distortion and reverb would prob annoy me, the D7000 or TH600 are probably better. You just have to mod them, EQ and get used to the tigher bass with less reverb, try EQ'ing the bass by about 10db and they will have quantity and impact and still do not distort, do the mods and give them a few weeks, you will probably prefer them to the D2000, I was extremely dissapointed when I first got them, but as you can probably see from my 100+ posts on this thread, they are now my favourite headphones that I have owned. D5000 + HD600 combo I would swap but that costs a lot more than the HE400.
  8. benjaminhuypham
    I haven't heard the D2000, but I have the D600. The HE400 annihilates the D600 in may ways. The D600 sounds slightly "plastic" and a little sibilant to my ears. The comfort of D600 is top-notch, but I personally just can't live with them. I think D600 is really a bit downgraded to D2000. They now must be ended up for sale [​IMG] , so sad. 
  9. nicholars
    The D600 is very poor compared to the Dx000 denons.
  10. Sasasd
    I tried HE400s today. I wasn't pretty impressed but I plugged them to my GS2 which has 49 ohms output impedance... Still my 70ohm HFI2400s sound kinda ok from GS2. I wish I could try them with better amp before buying...
    Also I had EQ enabled in GS2 because for my IEMs and HE400 bass distorted right away I tried them so they respond to EQ pretty well? I disabled all sound effects and then sound was ok. I felt like bass was very strong compared to HFI2400s. Clarity and soundstage sounded kinda same to me.
    You were or were not impressed? 
  12. Sasasd
    After all I was not but I think it all because crap GS2 headphone jack.
  13. sragoowanshi
    I finally received my HE400's today! I didnt expect them to be so large, but thankfully are quite comfortable. 
    I am using it directly from my dx50 on high gain & 200 volume. The volume is enough but I'm not sure the power is enough? 
    Also, I ordered velour pads along with them, but instead they shipped with another set of leather pads! What am i missing out on? 
  14. nicholars
    Not a lot mod the pleathers
  15. rudeboybass
    You need to listen with a proper amp.. Than make impressions.

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