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Hifiman HE-4 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by farnsworth, Nov 10, 2010.
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  1. Farnsworth
    I popped over to head direct to check out the HE-6's and noticed that the HE-4's are now available.
    I haven't heard any mention of them since they were announced for canjam but nevertheless there they are for $450! Something tells me I know what i want for Christmas [​IMG].
    They appear to be a slight variation of the HE-5LE's.
    Here are the specs:
    Frequency Response: 10 to 60 KHz
    Impedance: 38 Ohm
    Efficiency: 86 DB
    Weight: 350 g
    Headphone cable (OFC) with 6.5 mm plug. Length 3 m / 10 ft
    Balanced Portable headphone cable with 3.5 mm 4-pin plug. Length 1.5 m / 5 ft
    Earpad for backup *1
    and a pic of the sexiness:
    They have started to arrive and some impressions, reviews and pics are coming in.  I will update the links as they pop up.
    General HE-4 info:
    1. Ron12
    Links to Impressions and Reviews:
    1. Farnsworth, 2 (ME!)
    2. cnk15
    3. blankdisk
    4. .Sup
    5. nc8000
    6. Mad Lust Envy
    7. Voohoo
    8. nos024
    9. magicman2
    10. Hellbishop
    11. preproman
    12. BokononVolta
    1. Ron12 - Comprehensive guide for modifications and pad rolling.
    Links to Pics:
    1. Farnsworth
    2. trex998
    3. .Sup
    4. Philimon - Difference in drivers
    5. ab111 - Wood cups
  2. NapalmK
    Awesome! These are definitely on my radar. Now to wait for some reviews before taking the plunge.
  3. Region2
    Yet another pair of headphones I need to add into the considerations.  I was debating on the LCD2 vs HE6 or just going to get some customs but now this comes along and my curiosity has been piqued.  Darn these headphones look quite sexy.
  4. MomijiTMO Contributor

  5. matthewh133
    Wonder what it's like to drive.
  6. DefectiveAudioComponent
    Finally a reasonably priced new planar magnetic headphone again!
    Let's hope it sounds good too :)
  7. airwax
    oh wow. might be able to save more now. thanks
  8. JIGF
  9. .Sup


    heh same here. But LCD2 has so many design issues and both are so expensive. I could actually afford this in a week! [​IMG]
  10. reiserFS
  11. tvrboy
    Hmmm... looks good. I'm glad Fang decided to go with the rubberized coating instead of the silver plastic. If I couldn't afford a HE-6 I'd get this. But I'm a lucky bastard and I can afford it! Maybe some lucky person will get this for a Christmas gift instead. From the specs, it's just as hard to drive as the HE-5 though. I'm afraid many many people will buy this cause of the low price, then complain it has a "veil" when they use it from their computer sound card.
  12. Region2


    There is that problem.  My friend had the same concerns and didn't want to deal with customs so had them sent to me for testing--they're sitting on my head right now [​IMG]
    I gave him my comparison of them against my O2 and checked them over.  Audeze was also quick about letting him know he had fault blocks and are sending him the replacements before there were any problems with them.
    It's been a week and there have been no problems I can discern.  Audeze's proactive role in addressing the problems in the LCD2 has also been a rather strong factor in the decision.
    Ultimately I need to hear both the HE4 and the HE6 (I thought the HE5 was great) before I make a decision but if I end up not liking the HE6, I might end up getting the LCD2 and picking up an HE4 to scratch that Head Direct itch [​IMG]
  13. oqvist
    350g noticeable lighter hten the HE6 if that is true. Weaker magnets?
  14. reiserFS
    Yes, he even wrote so on the site. Ordering one for christmas. Does any of you guys know if the balanced cable he sells is for the HE series?

  15. kboe
    Interested to say the least.  Have to put it on my short list, so long as sonics weren't compromised.
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