Hifiman Edition X V2

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  1. frankraindog
    For Sale
    Selling my HEX V2.
    The HEX is in like new condition.
    I've bought the HEX V1 in summer 2016 and used the free upgrade programm in 11/2016 (100€ shipping expanses paid by myself), got back the headphone in 01/2017 and used it not more than 10 hours, so I'm going to sell it.
    It comes with both cables. And the nice box of the HEX V1. 
    I will take paypal fees, you take the shipping expanses.
  2. Lavakugel
    Is this the old v1 with only new pads or did you get a new v2?
  3. frankraindog
    This is a brand new V2, the V1 was sent to Hifiman and they sent back a new headphone.
  4. Sound Eq
    wrong thread
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