HIFIMAN Edition X Loaner Program

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  1. Vividcard
    HE-X Did officially arrive yesterday, however the ear pads are not included. I think this may be a bit my fault too as I didn't realize the pads were considered accessories. Customer service is already on the move getting new pads out.
    EDIT: I meant the ear PADS were missing, I don't even know what would have been happening if I was missing the ear cups... My bad
  2. drbluenewmexico
    any chance of still getting in on the Edition X tour?
    this is drbluenewmexico,  in new mexico, albuquerque.
    let me know, thanks, drbluenewmexico
  3. makan
    HI there, I think I am late to the HE-X loaner program.  I am located in Toronto, Canada and am wondering if I would be able to participate.  I own the Hd800, XC, Alpha Dog, Ether, and used to have the LCD-2,3 and X, but am very interested in the HE-X sound.  I see from the thread that Zida also from Toronto is likely receiving the Canadian loaner imminently...would be easy to do a personal pick up as the next person if I could be added to the loaner program.
    Thanks for your consideration


  4. Zida
    Yep I have them right now. Trying them out tonight actually!
  5. TeamHiFiMAN
    @cqtl @Zida
    Please work together to figure out a method for exchange.
    As of now, the tour is closed. If there is confirmation that an extension is acceptable, we can continue the loaner for interested parties.
    HiFiMAN Innovating the art of listening. Stay updated on HiFiMAN at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  6. Trogdor
    WhiskeyJacks, PM'ed you several times and no response. Please get in contact with me or TeamHiFiMAN so I know where to ship the X!
  7. makan
    Thanks for the opportunity. I will connect with @Zida
  8. Zida
    Many thanks to @TeamHiFiMAN for the the opportunity to take part in this program. I have many thoughts about the HE-X I now need to work my way through and get that review posted for you guys ASAP!
  9. Vividcard
    Oregon tour unit is back from RMA, review incoming from me (probably this weekend) and they are off to Barra to finish up!
  10. swspiers
    I believe I'm scheduled to get a tour X tomorrow.

    Thank-goodness, because next week I begin for school, and I won't have time!
  11. swspiers
    Okay y'all, I got the X's.

    First impression: "Oh really"

    I need to re-read the impressions thread. I know these are my first "Summit-Fi" experience, although I have decent experience at the upper-end of Mid-fi (Primes, Alpha Dogs, Grado GS-1000e, HFM HE-560), but so far they have a sense of "being there" that I didn't think was possible with headphones.

    This is going to be a great weekend. Plus, I don't have any Statistics Labs due for school, so I should have plenty of time.
  12. buffer
  13. JWizzlez
    I would love to get in on the loaner program. I'm located in Boston. Please let me know who to coordinate with.
  14. Barra
    Received the loaner pair earlier this week and have been really enjoying them. What really intrigues me is how well they scale down. They sound almost as good on my mobile setup. I am also one that enjoys these more than the HEK. The HEK may be slightly higher in performance, but these are more my signature with a more intimate sound stage.
  15. aaron811
    My name is Aaron Rudberg and I am VERY interested in the program. Please consider me. I live in Longview, Washington, USA.
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