HIFIMAN Edition X Loaner Program

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  1. TeamHiFiMAN
    Hi all,
    HIFIMAN is looking looking for dedicated members of the community to participate in a loaner tour for the new Edition X headphone!
    Please reply to this thread to be considered for this review program. In addition, please provide your general location so routes for each pair may be considered. By replying to this thread, you are agreeing to the term and conditions:
    Terms and Conditions:
    To ensure a reasonable wait-time and length of the program, each member will be allotted one week with the Edition X before shipping it to the next participant. Each participant will be responsible for his/her own shipping costs, which means providing their personal information to another member. Any postal method is acceptable, but a tracking number must be provided.
    Remember that these are a loaner pair, and will be used by others.
    At the end of the trial, the participant will have 3 weeks to provide formal impressions in the form of a review. A Edition X WIKI page will be created to help organization.
    The loaner Edition X unit may not be disassembled for any reason. By doing so, the participant will forfeit his spot, and any future participation in HIFIMAN loaner programs. If any problems arrive with a loaner unit, a replacement will be sent out.
    We would like for everybody to have an opportunity to participate, but at this moment the tour is limited to North America only. Nevertheless, you may reply with your interest to this thread. We will do our best to accommodate other regions if there is enough interest.
    Thanks in advance for your consideration! Candidates will be selected within 2 weeks time.
    Tour Update:
    Some groups were bunched by state due to location of the participants. Otherwise, the groups were determined by the closest region.
    @nmatheis - x
    @Vividcard - currently has?
    @grizzlybeast - x
    @Oregonian - x
    @fleasbaby - x
    @Sil3nce - x
    @Whitetriton - x
    @GTecX - x
    @raybone0566 - x
    @moshen - x
    @bclark8923 - x
    *** closed ***
    @TMRaven - x
    @wormsdriver - x
    @swjones3 - x
    @Cotnijoe - x
    @Trogdor - currently has
    *** closed ***
    @Mshenay - x
    @Army-Firedawg - x
    @FuhrerKBradley - currently has
    @dweaver - x
    @RedJohn456 - x
    @Armaegis - x
    @samuelnsh - x
    @Zida - currently has
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  2. Whitetriton
    I am in southern California and would very much like to participate in the loaner program.  I currently own the HE-500 (really like the sound, don't love the comfort) and have previous owned the HE-400 (did not like the sound or comfort) and HE-400i (liked both sound and comfort).  I am happy to pay shipping to the next person, post a write-up/review of my experience, and would treat the loaner pair with the utmost care.
    Thank you for your consideration.
  3. swjones3

    I would love to be considered. I am currently based in Chicago. I have a fascination with planar headphones. So far I have had the opportunity to try the Hifiman HE-560 and HE-1000, and I would appreciate the opportunity to see what Hifiman is offering at this price point. Also, I am more than willing to treat the loaner unit with the utmost care and assume responsibility for shipping costs.
  4. Armaegis
    If there's a Canadian leg of this program, I would be interested and would additionally be willing to help out with any of the communication/shipping logistics . I am located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
    I currently have an HE-6, and have previously owned/heard/reviewed/loaner the 400/500/560. I have been a member in good standing for many years and have quite a number of reviews under my name; you can click on my profile for a listing. I have also been part of many loaner programs in the past.
  5. nmatheis Contributor
    I'm excited to hear these and would love to participate in this tour!

    Checking in from beautiful (if a bit gray & rainy) Portland, OR :L3000:
  6. grizzlybeast
    okay thats too loud... aaaaaaahhhhH
    So after the little impressions of this headphone I am actually hoping for this to be my end game. I would love to hear these! 
    Portland OR
  7. Mshenay Contributor
    Man I was hitting up the thread for this a while back :D as I was very curious
    Checking in from South Carolina, my HE 4s would love to go toe to toe with a proper Hifiman TOTL ^^ as I'm over due for an upgrade ^^ non the less super happy to hear about this Tour! Thanks for extending it to us
  8. RedJohn456
    I would love to be part of this loaner program and I accept all terms and conditions. I was part of the Oppo PM3 loaner program and it was a fantastic experience. I am located in Richmond Hill, Ontario.
    I was wondering about something. Will the loaner units be shipped to Canada from the USA for the canadian leg of the loaner tour? Or perhaps from a local distributor? 
  9. dweaver
    I am also interested in being a reviewer and likewise was part of the PM3 loaner program. Like Redjohn I am hopeful these can be sent from a Canadian reseller for Canada if possible. The issue is Canada Customs being overly zealous and charging a massive import fee even though the headphone is clearly only on loan for reviewing purposes.
  10. bclark8923
    I'd love to be a part of this program! I'm in San Francisco, currently listening to HE-560 through my Gungnir Multibit and a speaker amp (NAD 316 bee) until my Liquid carbon shows up and would love to see how the Edition X compares to the HE-560! I've done a few headphone/speaker comparisons before but would love to go in depth on a single headphone!
    One of my comparisons below:
  11. fleasbaby
    If at all possible, I'd love to participate. I have a fair amount of experience modding T50s (both stock and transplanting into custom housings turned in my workshop). I have been thinking of trying a pair of HiFiMan cans for a while. This might just be the pair that push me over the edge...
  12. Army-Firedawg
    I am absolutely interested! I've always wanted to hear a Hifiman headphone. And I will of course take the up most care of it as I have my other loaner program participation.

    I am located in the Queen City Charlotte, NC.
  13. Vividcard
    [​IMG] Ho man, I'm excited for this, count me in for consideration for sure! Hifiman is probably my favorite set of on ears! In Salem, Oregon for routing purposes!
  14. Cotnijoe
    I got a short time with them at RMAF and found these very promising! I would love a closer listen to them!
    Had a blast reviewing the HE400S and HE1000 as well as spending some time with the HE560 which I owned, and definitely hope to spend time with another HFM headphone!
    Location is Saint Louis, Missouri
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  15. moshen
    Interested and located in San Francisco, CA. I have had many hifiman headphones (HE400/500/560/6 and now HE1000).
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