Hifiman Edition S Mods: It started with a right cup rattle...

  1. CoffeeCutie
    Hi all! :)

    I haven't seen many mods on this headphone. :thinking: It is very thin, with no real cups and a extremely lightweight chassis. It sounds great out of the box.

    I got a pair because of the open/closed idea, and for how portable they are- all was well until the right driver developed a buzz. I also managed to lose the closed-magnet covers in a different state far away :frowning2: , so I decided the time had come to open them up. while I fixed the rattle (smoothed a kink in the membrane, tightened screws, etc), I couldn't resist...:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

    -Opened up all the rear driver ports ("bass ports") skewing the signature to really, really dark but reaching really, really low...
    -fixed the signature by sealing them with some F13 "acoustic" pressed wool and a stiff plastic sheet

    I think they sound pretty (really) good, and they seal/attenuate quite well! they sound quite a bit more mellow/extend a deeper than the original closed sound. :L3000:

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  2. aninjamonkey23
    That yellow looks awesome. I have a pair of these and am in love with them. They don't get the attention they deserve.

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