Hifiman earpad rings
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Dec 21, 2014
Does anyone know if there are hifiman earpad rings available, just by themselves, I bought some Alacanta earpads and I want to try them on my HE400i. Any recommendations are appreciated.

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As far as I know, no. The Focus pads I got for one of my headphones had the rings glued into place. This actually holds the entire earpad together. You'd have to buy and destroy a pair of pads to get those rings.
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  reviving this thread.   Has anyone been able to make a 3d printed version of the earpad rings?

that'd be childsplay if I still had the rings from the focus pads I tore apart but unfortunately they broke in the process and I threw them away
if someone could send me a pair of the pads I could do it pretty easily

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