Hifiman Customer Service?
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Jan 22, 2015
Hi there, I was taking apart my HE-500, because I wanted to do a small mod to the headband so that I could have the cable come out at an angle, instead of it coming out straight down and pushing into my shoulder sometimes. Anyway, as I was taking the small screws out of the drivers, one of them snapped off at the neck (see pictures). The only problem is that the remainder of the screw is still inside the little brass jacket, and I can't pull it out. Could/would Hifiman send me new screws/get the rest of the screw out or replace the brass sleeve? 
If not, does anyone have any suggestions for how I could fix it? (Oh, also, hifiman uses really soft metal for their screws, which I dislike, but I digress...)
I love these headphones, but I don't want to use them in this broken state, and they are my main headphones :frowning2:
Thanks for any help/suggestions!
Oh, they aren't under warranty, since I got them used in a trade.


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