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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. JP281
    From asking someone who owns the ananda and arya, he prefers arya in almost every way. Hex v2 have said to be a lesser version of arya as well. I believe they use the same magnet structure.
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  2. Dobrescu George
    I would also take Arya over Ananda in general, but Ananda is more meaty and bass-oriented, if that's your thing. But in terms of soundstage size, separation, clarity, detail, Arya is much better :)
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  3. Module
    So Ananda is more suited for energetic music as such Rock and Metal in your opinion?
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  4. Dobrescu George
    Yes. Arya is much better for atmospheric and slower music.


    I was not one to enjoy Jazz and this kind of music, but with Arya, I could, for one of the first times, really enjoy Jazz and slower music. It really paints it beautifully.

    But if you wanna go for Rock and Pop and especially metal and aggressive music, I would totally recommend Ananda over Arya :)
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  5. shoaibexpert
    So how do the Arya compare to HD 800S? I have the Aryas and love them. Would getting the HD 800S over these result in better SQ/detail/timbre...worth buying or no?!
  6. Jodet
    I had the HD800S's for years. I would take the Arya's over them seven days a week. The Arya's have a more natural sound and better tonality. They are both very comfortable.
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  7. arijitroy2
    People with RME here, what are you're PEQ settings if you use one?
  8. bagwell359
    I agree with your positive comments on the Arya. But for big and meaty bass - I'd go HE-6, HE6SE, and even the HE-500.over the Ananda.
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  9. powerincarnate
    does anyone have experience with audeze LCD MX4 in comparison to arya?
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  10. bagwell359
    I heard them plus the LCD4 at a meet about 3 weeks ago. I liked the 4 more than the MX4. I liked the Arya more than I expected, and dollar for dollar more than the MX4. It was probably the treble that did it.
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  11. powerincarnate

    What do you mean dollar for dollar. If the MX4 was 1600 bucks; which one would you appreciate more, is it still Arya?.
  12. bagwell359
    For sure, if the MX4 was half way between where it is and the Arya is - also pick the Arya. But my tastes do not agree with some around here.- so better verify for yourself.
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  13. mixman
    Yeah would take the Arya any day over the MX4.......which is probably the worst LCD they made.
  14. vlach
    How about Arya vs used HEK V2 purely based on SQ?
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  15. mixman
    I have not heard both side by side. Actually, I would like to know the differences myself. From what I have read of from those that owned both, the HEK has the slight edge. The Arya according to Hifiman is a revamped HEK V1.
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