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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. ruXx
    Yes i did watch his review, amongst like 5-6 others on youtube.
    Interesting that you should mention that review, because i noticed exactly the same thing you pointed out in his video, and it really made me think twice about the purchase.
    Amongst all the other reviews raving over the arya, his was the one sobering review that broke the flow of positive reviews.
    Z also wasnt all that charmed by the arya, especially at its pricepoint.
    I was quite conflicted, but decided to trust the majority.

    One reviewer in particular tipped me over the edge.
    Im a big fan of joshua valors reviews, since I like his way of explaining things.
    He was raving a lot about the arya which is why i ultimately pulled the trigger.

    Either way this is a good benchmark to go back and see which reviewer most closely aligns with my taste and hearing.
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  2. bidn
    Hi ruXx,

    I agree here also with your impressions on the very positive features of the Arya.

    Re. Battle Beast,
    I have this album, love it too!
    (these days re. metal I listen mainly to melodeath, power or heavy-power, black atmospheric, melodic death-doom and funeral doom).
    You have excellent ear to hear that the Arya doesn't deliver the metal vocals properly on this track.
    If you check the frequency response curve in resolve-s video you will see a recession between 1,5 kHz and 2,5 kHz.
    (actually I find that the Focal Utopia have the highest fidelity on this kind of metal, but these are very expensive headphones...)

    If you want metal to rock, then for me the Arya is not the most suitable Hifiman headphone,
    the HE6se does this better (but will be too complicate and expensive to drive),
    and even the cheap Sundara rocks much more for me (I own all of these). The Sundara means you would loose a lot of the excellent things like resolution and cleanliness which the Arya provides, but would get back some of the dynamics that defines high fidelity for metal.
    Or you could go for a Focal Elex which is much less expensive than the Arya (and has better resolution than the Sundara), and use the money saved to on the difference to buy a RME ADI-2 DAC-amp.

    I hope you find a satisfying solution,
    all the best,
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2019
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  3. ruXx
    Thanks a lot for your recommendations.
    The fact that you feel the same way about the arya as i do, makes your recommendation carry a lot of value to me, and i feel like i can trust your advice.
    Ill take a look into the headphones you mentioned.

    i really enjoy the bass and easygoingness of the arya. Also the detail and resolution is great as well as the soundstage.
    If it just had less sibilance and a little more forward vocal range it would be perfect.

    i will play around a little bit with the EQ and see if i can tune it to my liking.

    just a question from my side: what is it that causes sibilance, and is it ever a desired feature of a sound signature because it improves the quality of non vocal music?
    Or is it simply a bieffect of the driver/technology?
    I dont know how much the engineers directly control the sound signature, but i have to assume that hifiman audited the qualities of the arya and decided that they wanted it to sound like this.
    Not withstanding that i dont have the optimal gear for it of course.
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  4. misteral201103
    Question - are any of you using the Arya with portable gear? Like straight out of a DAP or from a portable amp?

    I'm going back and forth between the Arya and the Ananda, will obviously audition. Seems like the main decider for me, ultimately, will be whether I can do the Arya justice from either my M11 balanced out or Xduoo XD 05. The Arya soundstage seems to be what I'm after, but if the Ananda suits my mobile gear better, it may make more sense. I have desktop amps but I don't want to be tied to indoor use only. (I know it may seem ridiculous to use either of these outside, but I use my 400i's when I walk the dog at night and it's a treat!)
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  5. Ithilstone
    If portable is so important then i would not consider Arya, it needs a lot of juice.

    And M11 is LDAC capable so maybe Ananda BT?
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  6. kid vic
    +1 for speaker taps.

    Some old school integrated amps have a microphone input but I have absolutely no idea whether or not that would be useful for their streaming needs.
    For $400 or less you can certainly get a good Pioneer, Sansui or Yamaha vintage amp. As far as for modern amps maybe a used Burson, Lake People or Garage 1217 amp?
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  7. misteral201103
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  8. doboo57
    My DX220 drives my Arya reasonably well but it needs a lot of juice (volume around 120/150 on high gain single ended). It sounds a lot more dynamic and open going balanced though.

    I also got the ifi Pro iDSD on my desktop and it drives the Arya quite well, with plenty of juice (on high gain, single ended). Mostly using solid state and Tube+ options.
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  9. misteral201103
    Thanks, good to know. Think I will audition the Arya anyway, just to be certain.
  10. VictorRad
    Arya needs about 1200 mWatt of power to sound best. It is relatively easy check if your player meets it.
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  11. Ithilstone
    Not sure about other portable gear like DX220 or ifi Pro iDSD so will not comment but I tried Arya with Dacamp L1 balanced HGain (miniXLR to XLR) and R2R2000 4.4mm balanced (HGain)
    and with both Arya sounded OKish only - Those scale a lot with good amp - Ananda on the other hand sounded happy with L1 and R2R2k and there was less difference when compared with a full size amp
    - from my limited experience with portable i would say Arya is harder to drive really good on the go.
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  12. Rayzilla
    For portable/on the go, I would recommend the Denon D9200. I think it is highly under-rated. It's closed too but it rivals many open back to my ears.
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  13. ruXx
    Do headphone outs of full size speaker amps have the same output as its regular outputs?
    It seems really hard to find any specs on the headphone outs in particular.

    There seems to be a lot good looking speaker amps in the $3-400 range from pioneer, onkyo, yamaha, denon, marantz, nad.. etc.
    They all have more than enough watt, but i cant find any details about their headphone out power.
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  14. misteral201103
    VERY useful info - thank you!!
  15. misteral201103
    Valuable insight - thanks very much!
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