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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. AlexZK

    This is the one, there are a few options under 9000, but this vendor will give a case+stand also. I asked them if they had any deals and they gave me a 500RMB voucher, which knocked it down even further.

    They only sent the headphones to begin with, I had to nudge them to send the case, but it arrived 2 days after I asked so I can't complain.

    Just a warning if you were in HK like I was, there was a problem with their checkout for non-mainland addresses, so I had to pay and then give them my address via chat. Luckily I had a Chinese friend to do this all for me...
  2. Karister
    It is definitely enough power to drive them loud enough to damage your hearing. :wink: Personally I have used Aryas with Marantz HD-DAC-1 and Schiit Asgard 2. Both in low gain mode and I hardly ever reach 12 o'clock at volume gauge. Sound-wise I prefer them with Schiit. It's laid back sound signature fits my taste. With Marantz sub bass was slightly more present but treble were too aggressive.
  3. devilboy
    Who powers their Arya with a tube amp?
    If so, which amp and please list other amps it bettered, if any.

    I'm loving my Arya with my Burson V2+ but I'm wondering what a tube amp would do. I would imagine it needs to be of higher power output.

    I can't believe I'm even considering changing, but you know how this stuff goes...
  4. superfrognyc
    Thanks, with the CODEX in balanced mode I have the volume up to 80/85 out of 100.
    I'm going to order a Monoprice Cavalli Liquid Platinum and see if tube sound would make a difference...
  5. Karister
    If you want to tweak sound with DAC/AMP, why won't you pick something that could do exactly what you need instead of random try? RME ADI 2 DAC has 5-band parametric EQ that can do wonders to sound signature. It offers possibility of saving various presets as well. Also, it's amp offers more than 1 watt which will easily drive Aryas.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
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  6. Ty89m
    My RME just arrived today, plan to run Arya, 800S and Andromedas with it. Excited to try it, would still like to grab a THX 789 or 788 to try balanced one of these days though.
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  7. webmi
    Until i got the Arya, i had a little problem with tube mode in ifi Pro gear (iCAN & iDSD). I only used a 2018 LCD-X, and tube mode was not that great with the Audeze, a little artificial, quality was clearly lost. With the Arya, i now can enjoy tube mode in ifi gear to the fullest. It dont get that artficial sound, i dont get that feeling something is lost on the Arya with tubes, its just smoother and the Arya can - depending on mood and track - use some smoothing. It is just a little more layed back, more enjoyable. Without tubes, Arya is very clean (wich i like), but with tubes it gets a little more musical (wich i like aswell), it is more fun with tubes on the Arya.

    In short, i like the Arya very very much with tubes! May be i like the Arya just a bit more on tubes then on SS. The LCD-X definitely without tubes, SS only for the Audeze. For me another reason, why the Arya complements my LCD-X (and ifi Pro gear) very well. Ifi Pro gear has tubes in iDSD (DAC) and in iCAN (AMP). If i enable tube mode in both, it gets very very tuby. With the Arya i enjoy this very much.

    Ifi Pro gear is very clean on SS. I read that Burson V2 already is very tuby (warm/smooth) like. So i guess Arya with Burson V2 is a very good pairing already.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
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  8. Dexon
    I wouldn't agree. You can 'drive them loud enough to damage your hearing' with Schiit Fulla e.g as well yet that doesn't mean they are driven properly. I have Marantz HD-DAC-1 and it doesn't do justice to them, soundstage collapses far from desired volume levels and low end doesn't have anything near that grunt and authority which Arya is capable off.

    I've tried only Figaro 339, didn't have any grip on them, just flabby farts. Seemed to me any other topology would do better.
  9. Karister
    What is your's Marantz volume knob position and what gain do you use when problems occur?
  10. Dexon
    I gave it another shot. Yup, it sounds flatter with loose low end timbre. Switching back to the big amp, I immediately noticed sharper attack, more natural decay, greater dynamics and tighter low end. It's worth mentioning that the big amp itself has similar signature to Marantz, buttery smooth yet agile sounds, kinda like a good tube amp, so its quite obvious its up to power rather than synergy or whatever.

    It depends on record of course. I listen mostly to loudness free, HDR stuff. On high gain, knob position its around 12 o'clock or higer. If i play some modern pop tracks, than is around 9.
  11. superfrognyc
    Thanks, you've convinced me to give Cavalli Liquid Platinum a try with my Arya.
  12. superfrognyc
    I'm going to try the Cavalli Liquid Platinum with the Ayra hopefully I will get more than just "flabby farts" :darthsmile:

    Ayre Codex + Cavalli Liquid Platinum + Arya
  13. webmi
    Please let us (me) know what you think about the Arya with tubes. Any chance you can compare with SS powered AMP?
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2019
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  14. Dobrescu George
    Here's the thing, Arya is high impedance kind of sound, if you add tubes, you may get them a bit sweeter, but they work nicely with both... Like for real, you could enjoy Arya regardless :)
  15. VictorRad
    I hear creak when rotate the speakers of my Arya. Listen
    Recently bought and thinking about returning. Is it a common thing with Arya?
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