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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. Slim1970
    That’s what I’d do. They are faster, clearer, more open sounding with better dynamics. The bass is better defined with more texture and can get deep without overwhelming the other frequencies.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019
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  2. Tsukuyomi
    I have to wait to save up a bit, but you're making me wanna say "to hell with it!" and throw it on my credit card lol
  3. Slim1970
    I think you’d enjoy them a little bit more than the LCD-2C’s. Audeze headphones in general are warmer sounding than Hifiman’s. So depending on your taste in music, you should let that determine your choice of headphone.
  4. Tsukuyomi
    I've had the chance to listen to both side by side at an audio show a while back, and all i could remember was that the Arya, Susvara and Jade 2 were excellent, but so was the LCD-X and 2 Classic. the closed back were too heavy and not great and the LCD-3 werent good. the LCD4 too expensive for what they gave i found.

    for my modest budget im only looking at the LCD2 Classic and Hifiman Arya. and the Arya, as you said and i would agree, sounds better. I think hifiman is really on to something with the Arya at its price point and position in their lineup.
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  5. chimney189
    I think that the Classic is a solid performer. I would have kept mine if it wasn't for the weight. The only gripe I had with them was some treble glare that just couldn't be ignored. However, the velour pads definitely helped that and made them more comfortable as well. It's also about a $1,000 difference.
  6. Tsukuyomi
    Yeah, but i mean if i get the Arya, i wont need another planar any time soon. (atleast for another 2-3 years)
  7. chimney189
    If the Arya sounds anything like the HEK V2 then I thought the same thing at one point and finally sold it because everything sounded so soft, but maybe that's a sound signature that you'll love. Listening to the HEK V2 was liking being in a dream -- it was cool, but I had no idea what was actually going on. Hopefully that makes sense. :p
  8. Tsukuyomi
    the 1000 v2 was at the booth also, tbh i prefered the arya over them lol. not sure why. also out of all the hifiman there imo, (and they had a lot..) my 3 favs are the Susvara, Jade 2 and Arya.
    i tried the Ananda and it felt more closed in an less wider than the Arya.
  9. Slim1970
    The Susvara’s are just a different animal. They estat like speed, resolution, and detail but with dynamics and punch. The headphones in Hifiman’s lineup I know I will be giving up something but I still want to try them. This hobby is so addicting it’s maddening.....
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  10. tylerfutrell
    I just got back from the store, trying out their Arya against my HEXv2. As far as I could tell, they have approx. identical soundstage, but Arya is significantly cleaner/better resolving than HEX. That was the biggest difference. Arya also has slightly more treble energy than HEX, which most of the time I found a welcome enhancement, but once or twice found a little sharp. Very similar otherwise. I'm going back tomorrow to try them against my LCD-3. If they can replace both it'll save me money. Imagine that (probably too much to hope for).
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  11. Tsukuyomi
    Ill save you the trip, i tried the arya against the lcd3. The arya sounds smoother and not as harsh as the lcd-3. I found the lcd3 closed in and too sharp for most my music. I listen to rock, metal film scores, classic, pop and some 40's music and jazz.

    Also the noticable head feel is not even comparable. The arya are way more comfortable.

    The lcd3 are also more power hungry than the arya, at the show with the nirvana amp, i noticed i needed to turn the lcd3 up more to enjoyable levels but with the arya it was less so.
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  12. tylerfutrell
    I have the HEX and LCD for different reasons, and find it hard to choose. HEX is a better all-rounder, but LCD-3 is the best I've heard for baroque-classical strings and vocals, which is maybe 50% of what I listen to. If Arya can cut in to where LCD "wins" against HEX, that'd be great.
  13. mixman
    They do different things the HEX is lighter more airy and the LCD 3 will have more impact. The Arya will not have that impact that the 3’s have. If you like both sounds, you may have to have both types of cans.
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  14. tylerfutrell
    It's actually more the tonality and the depth (as opposed to height/width) of the soundstage that sets LCD apart (from HEX or HD800) for me. It just has the most lifelike sounds on tracks that aren't EQed in the mix.
  15. Karister

    Recently I am searching for a new pair of headphones. Is someone able to compare Hifiman Arya to Focal Clear, MrSpeakers Ether or AUdeze LCD2C? I am looking for warm sounding headphones with smooth vocals in the first plan, laid back high tones and slightly highlighted lower bass. Something like Audeze LCD-2 Classic in terms of vocals and treble. Can be a bit brighter sounding, as LCD2C are very veiled. And waaaaay to bassy. I would say Focal Clear is max that I can accept in terms of bass quantity and treble brightness. I loved vocals in Ethers but they were too bright in treble area and very thin in bass. So, perfect match for me would be mid range from Ethers, vailed high tones from Audeze and something between Focal Clear and Ether in terms of bass. Do you think Arya would be a good try? I am not able to audition them yet, but local audio store should have them soon.

    Edit: one more question. Do Aryas have easily replaceable ear pads? I use headphones a lot and my pads will likely wear out after a year ot two. It would be cool to be able just order new pads and replace them at home.
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019
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