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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. Relaxasaurus
    In order of price:

    Periapt - $65 (12-14 days build time)
    Arctic Cable - $80 (12-14 days build time)
    LQI Cables - $150 (shipped almost immediately)

    Someone here recommended a Dyson Audio pure silver cable which costs about the same as LQI but I have no personal experience with it.
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  2. bwuhoo
    To add on to to this, I've bought a 4-pin XLR cable from Periapt for my HD600 and I was very pleased with it. The cabling has no fancy patterns to it, but it is well built and solid.

    If you want fancy cabling for an affordable price, take a look at https://www.koycables.com/
    I was lounging around on the r/headphones page on Saturday and I came across this guy's work: https://www.reddit.com/r/headphones/comments/by31lo/i_guess_ill_make_this_a_thing_one_more_recent/
    He did a very nice job on this one cable, so I messaged him. I think he quotes at around $100 depending on what you want. I may reach out to him in case I acquire an HD800S in the near future.

    Any one selling by any chance? :D

    Warm Regards,
  3. bwuhoo
    That is very interesting! I was using just my XDUOO at the time for the Arya's and they were never too sharp, just right actually. Although based on what you're saying about an Arya V2 with smoother upper mids and treble, I think its already out there and I think its called the HEXV2! :O
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  4. Hifiearspeakers
    Yes. I used to own that too. It’s a great headphone. In my opinion, it’s one of the best headphones Hifiman has ever made. But the Arya is more detailed and has better resolution. But if I could have an Arya with the HEX V2 tuning, then I’d be endgame done for a while.
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  5. mixman
    And here I am thinking of getting an Arya to replace my HEX.
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  6. bwuhoo
    Ahh yes, in that case, it would be a different can. I haven't heard the HE1000 (I can't stress this enough, just a thing of beauty looking at pictures online.Too bad they're just so dang expensive!!!), but maybe that might be your best bet. You may have already listened to that though.

    Maybe you could tube the Arya's in a way where it can smooth the upper mids and treb? I am not a tube guy and don't know much about them (except knowing that I don't like warmth on my cans), but I am sure someone here can spare a few pennies of thoughts.
  7. Slim1970
    I think called the Susvara’s. Every dynamic headphone Hifiman’s is making now is using trickle down tech from it.
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2019
  8. Hifiearspeakers
    Yeah. That headphone requires a nuclear power plant to drive, so it’s not for me. I’m sure it sounds very good.
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  9. Slim1970
    Lol, it’s not easy to drive that’s for sure. But when you do get it to sing it’s unlike any dynamic headphone I’ve heard. It’s the only headphone in my collection I won’t trade.
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  10. mixman
    Which amp are you using to run the Susvara ?
  11. Slim1970
    I’m using the Burson Timekeeper with the Pro iCan as my preamp. They sound incredible out the pairing. I also use the Burson Bang with V6 Classic op-amps and my Susvara’s sound just as good on it. But before I got the Susvara’s I had the HEK V2’s. They loved power as well but didn’t need as much of it to sound there best.

    I was really considering the Arya’s as an alternative sound to the Susvara’s but picked up the HE6se’s instead. I’ve since sold those and I’m back to considering the Arya’s. I love the stealth look and they could get me back the HEK V2’s sound that I miss.

    I just love the Hifiman sound. Each of their headphones have a slightly different sound that I can appreciate, with the Susvara’s being the embodiment of them all. Even with the Susvara’s I still enjoy other headphones. I’m an enthusiast first, so everything doesn’t have to be TOTL to sound good.
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  12. devilboy
    Wow. Considering your headphone lineup, that's a pretty powerful endorsement of the Arya.
  13. jazzk
    I have had an arctic, LQI, and others for some of my other cans, I have a Norne silver for my hd800’s. The dyson facemelter pure silver for the arya’s Are a good match and half the price of norne(which is a very good cable). A noticeable improvement over the stock.
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  14. Slim1970
    Yes, it makes me think that the HEK's should've been at the Arya's price all along. They sound so darn similar to me. I'm just trying to make some sense of Hifman's pricing scheme. Going back, the HEKse's or the Susvara's didn't exist and at that and the HEK's were the top dogs. So I guess they were price appropriately.
  15. Tsukuyomi
    Hey guys, i think i might be tempted to buy the Arya lol. after much consideration between the Arya and LCD2 Classic. i think i might save up a bit more and get the Arya. they're definitely lighter and from memory sound cleaner but not clinically neutral. they have a little warmth and coolness.
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