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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. Slim1970
    The HE5se’s are Hifiman’s old tech. But as you see they still fit in and perform very well even today. The newer Hifiman offerings, especially the Susvara’s, have features you hear in electrostats. The airy treble, natural sound, pinpoint imaging and the wide soundstage all put in the mindset of listening to electrostats with much better bass when I have them on. I would like to hear the Arya’s as I thought about getting them as alternative to my Susvara’s. I’m really a fan of the Hifiman sound.
  2. Relaxasaurus
    Thanks for this post. I haven't had the chance to hear the other two you mentioned so this is good food for thought.

    As much as I love the Arya's I agree they could use more definition in the mids. I've been researching to find a good headphone to compliment them, one that has silky smooth mids with a fuller-bodied sound. I have a few in mind (again just based on reading) such as a Z1R, HD800s, or perhaps a Utopia. Any input there?
  3. jaker782
    Terrific comparison! Very thorough and the head-to-head ranking is a nice touch! I've had both Arya and HEXv1, and generally agree with your synopsis. The HEX, while nice and smooth and relaxed, can be a bit boring and lacks the punch, detail and engagement the Arya possesses. I actually just took a chance and ordered the HE-5se mostly out of curiosity, and your feeling that they have the best mids has me excited to hear them! Thanks again for your post!
  4. bwuhoo
    I actually have the SRS-3100 system and the Arya's are right up there in terms of performance and speed. Estats will always have that edge though and they are a good compliment to have in the arsenal. I haven't tried the Susvara's before (they are SO gorgeous to look at), but maybe at CanJam in Irvine this year I might! The Hifiman sound is definitely the most different in terms of everything else that I've heard. It's addicting, exciting, and fresh. Nothing boring about them and will give you endless amounts of listening time.

    I would also like this question to be answered since I do not have experience with the headphones you mentioned. I was thinking of looking into the L700's or L300LE's, but not sure if it will hit those marks. However, I've read a little bit about the 3 headphones you described and someone has to correct me if I am wrong, but in terms of smooth mids with full bodied sound, my guess would be Utopia > Z1R > HD800s.
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  5. bwuhoo
    Jaker! So, Jaker was the person that I bought the Arya's from! Great seller by the way, if you see him on the head-fi classifieds, doing business with him is an absolute pleasure (I bought through A/Vexchange). Thanks again, sir, these may just be my "end-game" (INB4 I get blown away by the Meze Empyreans...) Hopefully, the He5se treats you well! HiFiman's are supposed to get around 150 hours of burn in, so you may have to hold on that return button as long as they let you haha... (personally, not a big believer in burn in, but I still do it anyway, cause why not)

    In regards to the compliments, thank you! I've put in some good hours, pretty much getting home at 5:15PM and A/B testing until 10/11 or until I get a headache, these past few days. Glad you feel the same way. I may have missed some points, but I tried to be as objective as I could.
  6. Dobrescu George
  7. bwuhoo
    Awesome video! I love and agree with the points that you made.

    Unfortunately, that Brooklyn dac + is wayyy out of my price range. Looks great though! Hope your ears are okay after blasting the Aryas haha. How is the comfort from the He6se compared to the Aryas? If they are the same structure and pads as the HE5se, then they're just okay comfort. Is that correct?
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  8. mixman
    This comparison is pretty much spot in with my findings. I haven't heard the 5 SE though. I am also thinking about upgrading my HEX V2 to an Arya. While I love the HEX, it's lack of resolution and detail is starting to get to me, especially compared to the SE, hell even compared to my LCD 2CB. The Arya as I remember, sounds different enough from the SE so that it will be more of a compliment rather than too similar. The only think I will loose besides some money would be the ease of driving the Arya compared to the HEX. The Arya should be close to the drivability of the HEK V2, so that shouldn't be too bad.

    Are the overall tonal balances about the same between the Arya and the HEX?
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  9. bwuhoo
    Interestingly enough, the Arya's are harder to drive by about, god, 3-4 decibels? Maybe even more... I remember switching between the HEX and Arya and when I switched from the Arya to the HEX without turning the volume down a bit, I almost fell out of my chair (I am being dramatic haha).

    I am not too sure about tonal balances as I am not too familiar with this term. However, if what I am interpreting is correct, the HEX has a warmer tone and the Arya has a more neutral tone. I would say the HEX plays more like the LCD-2 but are better, while the Arya, well, doesn't compare to anything that I've listened to. They're probably closer to the famed HE1000's which I haven't heard but have read about.

    Hope that helps!
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  10. mixman
    Thanks. The tonal balance is the relationship of the the overall sound between the Treble, Midrange and Bass and how it's "balanced" out, which determines whether the headphone sounds warm, neutral or bright. Oh I had that happen to me too with the volume change, which is generally why I shoot for more efficient HP's so I don't make that mistake. I once put the HEX on after having listened to the V2, forgot to lower the volume and oh boy. I had tinnitus for days after that. Did that at CanJam too...... put the Meze Empyrean on after the the Susvara, of all headphones, and with that big volume difference, I think I lost a few K on my hearing after that.
  11. CoFire
    Awesome review. I almost bit on the HE5SE. How would you compare the HEX V2 bass quantity compared to the Arya?

    From what I read, I think the Z1R would have the smoothest mids but in all honesty, for lush smooth mids, besides the Sony, I'd check out ZMF. I heard the Utopia and own the Elex and I definitely don't think smooth mids listening to Focal's latest offerings. I also have demo'd the Elear and had the Clear for about a month.
  12. bwuhoo
    Got it, that makes a lot more sense now.

    and Damnnnnnnnn yeahhh ouch. Luckily, I've only gotten tinnitus once...that lasted 2 weeks after I went to a MUSE concert... I was like DAMN, why did they have to have the music play so loud though?! I got paranoid from there on out and every concert I went to, I made sure I had some "concert buds & case" hooked on to my keys carabiner. Gotta save your ears!!

    @CoFire Thanks man! Hope it was helpful :) The HEX bass quantity is actually around the same from what I remember. If there are differences, the HEX is like a nano decibel more than the Aryas. I remember listening to Valhalla by RL Grime (caution, its kind of a "noisy" track for some. I love trap music though) and the bass amount was similar. Not too overpowering. Definitely not bass cans that's for sure. Off topic, but if I am bass hunting and want head rattlers, EQ'd/Modded/XD-05 Bass boost for my M565's. It's pretty much right up there to my 12" rockford fosgate subwoofer in the car! lmao.
  13. mixman
    I totally agree with what you said about I would much prefer a company put most of the money into the sound and not the aesthetics or build. As long as the HP's don't fall apart with use I am fine i do not have to have gold leaf and unobtunaium to make me feel better about spending big money. Lets face it one they are on your head the most important thing is that they are comfortable and sound good. At that point looks do not count.

    Metal 571 made an important observation when reviewing the Empyrean. He mentioned that it sounded like about half the price went to sound quality, since he mentioned that they had the resolution of maybe $1,500 to $2,000 headphones but would guess it was the build quality that gave them the $3,000 price tag. I would say, if I had to make a choice, I would prefer a headphone have world class SQ rather than world class build quality.

    Ha, many years of playing loud heavy metal at rock clubs like CBGB's, already gave me a lifetime of tinnitus. That's why I generally listen to my music at low levels today.
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  14. Dobrescu George
    Thank you for your kind words.

    When it comes to comfort, Arya is way more comfy than He6SE. He6SE is like a Sundara, but a bit smaller, more tight and heavier, so not quite as large and roomy as Arya

    The Arya sounds better than the Empyrean, at least most people were of this opinion in the latest Romanian audiophile meeting, and since Arya is about 1.5K USD, I think that the statement is fair, that's about where the value of the Empy is, about 1.5K USD, at least sonically. Of course, the build of empy does cost a lot, and so does the design, but with HIFIMAN, you're paying for the sound and that's pretty much it. At the end of the day, the headphones sit on your head, and I think Arya's pretty cool anyways!
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  15. mixman
    Well maybe I should rethink getting the Empyrean as a compliment to my Hifiman? My original plan was to go for the LCD 4Z. A little dark but has good resolution. I will look into replacing my HEX V2 with the Arya. Have you had a chance to hear the HEK V2? I sold them because the sound signature was just too close to the SE. I just want to make sure the Arya does not sound exactly like an HEK V2.
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