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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. sean-xenos
    It could have been 7-9 kHz as well, I used the equalizer in Foobar 2000 in between 5 and 10 kHz, I guess that this freeware software EQ is not so precise in numbers....
  2. mixman
    I have always heard from Violectric owners it is a good detailed amp, so i wouldn't blame that amp. I could hear the spike in the V2's treble on my lowly Fiio Q5. What alerted me to it was hearing sibilants. I would guess you were listening for other things and weren't particularly listening for spikes at first.

    I feel bad that we are discussing the V2 and SE in the Arya thread though.
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  3. devilboy
    All that's ever discussed in this thread is V2 and SE.
  4. Mcshaken
    Let's get back on track then. Just purchased a set of Aryas and absolutely LOVE them! I did an A/B test with my DT-1990s and it wasn't even close. I told the person I bought them from that I'm now ruined... I'll never go back. The only thing I don't like about them is that I can't grab them from the headband without throwing it out of adjustment. But the sound... just amazing.
  5. nishan99
    Is this really a less fancy HE1000v2 ? or did they change somthing other than the look ?

    I am wondering if it's worth upgrading from the Ananda
  6. Relaxasaurus
    Their own advertisements allude to that but I can't imagine why they'd want to undercut sales on the HEK.

    Best bet is to compare the two yourself. There have been a couple of posts from HEK owners saying that's it's better than the Arya in every way but I'd like to hear from an unbiased source that doesn't own either HP.
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  7. mixman
    The Hifiman rep here said that the Arya is actually closer to the HEK V1 in sound.
  8. brimster
    First post on Head-Fi! Just bought a pair of Hifiman Arya headphones. I've been an "audiophile" since I was using my paper route money to buy gear as a kid. But this is my first high-end pair of headphones. Love 'em so far. One of my few disappointments is that they didn't come with a case for travel, etc. I've searched this thread for recommendations and haven't found any great options. I even called Hifiman! Any other suggestions out there?
  9. Dobrescu George
    A friend has a really awesome case for HIFIMAN Ananda, need to check what the name of the case is, but will let you know once I ask him!
  10. smithyone1l
    Here is the case that I bought, I think you can find it on amazon as well. It is pretty massive. But, so are the Arya. But it is sturdy and well worth it to protect these amazing

  11. smithyone1l
    More impressions of the Arya- I bought them two weeks ago and have been listening for a few hours a night. In a nutshell, I think they are amazing. Best hifi purchase I've made (providing they last me years).

    First thing to say is that I listened to a lot of the higher-end headphones before buying these: Kennerton Thror, Audeze (all of the them including the LCD-3 and 4), Focal Clear and Elegia, Sennheiser HD800s, HD800, HD820, ZMF Auteur and Verite, Mr Speakers Ether 2, Abyss 1266 Phi CC, Diana Phi etc, Hifiman Arya, HE1000v2, HE1000SE, Susvara. Some I heard at CanJam singapore, others at local hifi shops. There were phones that were better than the Arya- the Abyss maybe and more expensive Hifiman, but not by much. The Thror was a similar level, but didn't have as much sub-bass slam to my ears.

    I listen to a range of stuff, from acoustic to folk, to rock, to metal, to progressive house, drum and bass, rap. So I wanted something that sounds good with anything. To me the Arya is that. That said I do think the HE1000SE is a slight upgrade. More soundstage depth, slightly more detailed, slight improvements across everything. The Susvara was also amazing, very refined, but certainly not worth the extra cash and maybe lacking a little excitement. The Arya does so much that other higher-end headphones do, but at a fraction of the cost. Amazing, sweet-sounding vocals, stellar levels of detail and separation, great soundstage height and width and excellent transient attack. They just sound right.

    I have the Hidition NT6-Pro which are known as being very highly detailed (Average Joe puts them towards the top of his list for detail and technical ability), but I hear things on the Arya that I have never heard on them. They sound natural, dynamic, fully extended at both ends, but without sibilance or bass bloat. They are not for bass heads, but the bass is incredibly textured and reaches low. It is enough for me. Bass was a major draw back of a lot of the other headphones- they just didn't have the sub-bass/low slam for dance tracks. The Focal Clear springs to mind here. They sounded great but a little lean.

    The Arya sound so open and natural they are addictive. I've just been getting lost in the music with them, hours pass and I forget what I am doing- not great for productivity! My mind doesn't search for something they aren't doing as it has with other audio products in the past, like "ooh, I just want a bit more bass texture, or more holographic vocals, or a bit more clarity". Everyone who has tried these (people not into hifi) have been amazed by them. They are a legit piece of high-end audio IMO.
  12. brimster
    Thanks for the recommendation. Just ordered on AMZN. Supposed to take a month to receive! If this trade war continues...watch out!
  13. brimster
    Did your friend mention the case? Thanks!!
  14. devilboy
    Wow. Impressive endorsement for the Arya. I couldn't agree more.

    I listen to a lot of classical and jazz and it's nice to see that someone else listens to drum and bass as well and that the Arya delivers in those regards for you. I owned the Clears and like you said, they just don't deliver on the lower bass like the Aryas do. Not even close.
    The Arya, to me, is the most "Jack of all trades", headphone I've heard or owned and I also had the LCD-X, LCD-2F, HD 800, 560 and 400i.

    Not to mention they're comfortable as hell.

    Nice post.
    Last edited: May 15, 2019
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  15. Focux

    don't mind could both of you share more regarding the Arya vs LCD X and Focal Clear?

    am looking to pickup a Clear next week but have always stayed awway from HFM due to QC and durability issues..

    are the giant pads comfortable? i found HD800S pads to be real oversized

    i mainly listen to mando/canto pop and rock
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