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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. Serge Bernamej
    By the way, you’re right, the HD800 will always have a moment of fatigue element to it or peakiness. I’m going back to the Aryas. But your comment is great for all classical music lovers.
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  2. Relaxasaurus
    Can anyone recommend a HP that supplements the Arya well? I feel the soundstage and openess are unmatched but there are times I want a more "fuller-bodied" sound, if that makes any sense. Here are some that I've been looking at:
    • Sony Z1R
    • Focal Utopia
    • Meze Empyrean
    • Audeze LCD-X / 4z
    • ZMF Auteur
    • HD-820
    Anyone have suggestions here?
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
  3. Focux
    prob Z1R..
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  4. UsoppNoKami
    I gave my Arya to my brother as i bought the HEKSE, but i'm well familiar with it so I thought I would leave my 1 cent -

    For times when I feel like a warmer tilt, i swap out to the ZMF Verite Ltd or LCD2C.
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  5. Slim1970
    I have the Susvara's, Z1R's, Utopia's, and Auteur's. I find both the Z1R's and Auteur's to be full bodied and warmer than my Susvara's. The Z1R's have a nice open sound to them for a closed headphone. The Auteur's are just a musical headphone. The Utopia's are just different animals. I don't think they lack in anything except sound space. The Danacable Lazuli Reference cable helps quite a bit with this while serving up a dynamic musical experience.

    I owned the Audeze LCD-X's at one point but got rid of them. The bass and mids on the LCD-X are fantastic but the upper mid to lower treble transition sounded sucked. You could easily hear what's missing in the frequency range when going from Hifiman headphones to Audeze headphones. I have the HD-820's on the way and I would like to hear the Empyrean's someday.
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  6. Relaxasaurus
    Great info, thanks all. Kinda glad no one said the Empyrean, well my bank account is very glad :dt880smile:
  7. Relaxasaurus
    Speaking of which, which of your cans gets the most use time? For both general purpose and also classical?
  8. mixman
    Audeze would be great alternatives in that they have the impact and bass that the Hifiman do not have. I have the X and they make a great contrast to that of the Arya. For me, the X is the best Audeze in the lineup until you get to either a 4 or 4Z. The Focal will be tough to listen to as far as soundstage after listening to the Arya. Try the Meze you may actually prefer their sound to the Arya. The HD820 is too close to the Hifiman sound.
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  9. Slim1970
    The Susvara's with my DHC Prion 4 cable is an experience. They sound good with every genre of music. With classical they pull you into the music. The only other headphone the excels at classical the way the Susvara's do is the HD800/HD800S. Lately I've been giving the Auteurs a go. They are another good all around headphone.
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  10. GU1DO
    I am looking at the Arya to complement my SE ,
    can you give some thoughts how the Arya compared to the HE1000SE if you dont mind ,
    and why you chose the Arya over the SE.
  11. UsoppNoKami
    Err... I gave away my Arya to my brother when I bought the SE. SE is better in every aspect, complement would be Verite , LCD--4 etc
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  12. nunovpc
    How do they compare with HE1000se?
  13. Serge Bernamej
    By the way thanks for your input George !
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  14. dan3952
    What part of the frequency range do you feel is lacking with the Aryas, is it some other problem?
  15. Ithilstone
    I my vote would go to ZMF As I think is tonalny really far away from Arya

    Arya would not complement SE in any way except lower weight. it is too similar just a younger sister I would say - SE is better in every aspect
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