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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. Tsukuyomi
    Hey guys! Just got back from an audio convention and i had the opportunity to sit at Hifimans booth for about an hour! hahahah
    I got to try the Jade 2, Arya, Susvara, 1000v2, 1000se, ananda, sundara....
    and let me say this right off the bat. the Jade 2 and Susvara were my absolute favourite headphones from Hifiman.
    Something i couldnt quite get, when demoing the Arya, when i swapped cans on the spot with the 1000se and susvara the Arya was maybe 15% different ? i'll be honest I found the arya better than the 1000se. but! the Susvara sounded better and so did the Jade 2.

    has anyone else had an opportunity to hot swap cans with the same amp/source/song and see if the Arya or 1000se had much difference ? i find that someone should buy the Arya over the 1000se just because its cheaper & almost same. maybe 90% same. and that 10% is barely noticeable at all, only on certain tracks.
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  2. devilboy
    Wow. That's a hell of a statement.

    Btw, is your picture an F1? My buddy's Mclaren Senna just arrived Thursday.
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  3. Tsukuyomi
    it is a hell of a statement, and normally i would of slept on it and done more research, but im writing it fresh after only returning from a whole day at the convetion and spending a lot of time with hifimans products at their booth. what do you think of what i said? :) id be curious to know!

    PS: yes its a Mclaren F1 LM. my favourite car in the world is the Mclaren F1. (followed closely behind by Aston martin cars :wink:
  4. uzairahmed101
    Hi there guys i am looking forward to an honest opinion and comparison for ARYA vs LCD-X I want to get either one of these and where I live I can get both used. LCD X is 10 months old for 1150$ and Arya is 900$ which is a month old but the money difference aside I would like to know where I can get the most enjoyment and fulfillment for my music taste. I love bass and I have ALO Cascade for the bass duty I love its pairing with DX150/amp8 but when I use it with my recently acquired Woo Audio WA8 it gets too bassy and congested I want something with the bass slam and details and be open back as well. HE1000se is a good option but out of my budget.

    Music I listen to is mostly RNB, HIPHOP, POP, RAP, and mostly the mainstream type I do enjoy some audiophile recordings from time to time as well and love the vocals.

    I own the HE-400i which I bought back in 2015 but hated them for being ear piercing the highs were razor sharp and bass was there but not in the amounts I would want it to be but it changed when I tried them with WA8 that peaky bright sound is somewhat tamed and I kind of like them now. They are the only open backs available right now and I need something that's really better than these.

    My source will be Surface pro2(Tidal Hifi+Foobar)------->Woo Audio WA8

    I can get EDX V2 even cheaper around 6-700$ Mark but i don't know if I will be missing out on something I want this headphone to be TOTL for at least a year or two down the line without me wanting to buy something else like desiring more bass, details etc

  5. chimney189
    I think it makes sense to say that the Arya is 90% of the HE-1000se.
    I had a chance to listen to the HE-1000se, and from what I heard and from what I've read it seems like HiFiMAN was going back to their HEKv1 roots with it. The Arya is also based off of the HEKv1, so your statement makes sense.
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  6. chimney189
    I tried the 4z at a meet recently. The comfort was really a no-go for me -- too heavy and the pads were stiff and not plush at all. Almost the complete opposite of the LCD-2C pads.
    The sound is a different story. It probably had the best bass that I've ever heard in a headphone, and this includes the Fostex-TH900. The soundstage was about medium to large in terms of width, but there didn't seem to be much depth. However, this headphone did sound really spacious. It also sounded pretty clean.
  7. mixman
    Yeah, didn't hear the 4z but did hear the 4 and it had some of the best bass I have heard on an HP, airy highs too. I didn't strongly consider it because I wanted a more neutral HP., but as I understand the 4z solves many of the 4's problems like having a touch more in the high end, maybe a touch more bass, besides being easier to drive and is slightly lighter too.
  8. chimney189
    I actually found the LCD-4 to be more comfortable because of it's pads. The 4z pads are very stiff.
    I do think that it has a punchier, tighter bass though.
  9. franz12
    According to this website, the LCD4z seems to be somewhat downgraded from the LCD4. It says the LCD4z has "do have slightly reduced treble extension"
    I think the weight difference between the two is about 20g.

  10. mixman
    According to a couple of owners in the 4z thread, that have heard or owned both, they mention hearing more highs. Perhaps the very top is not as high as the 4 but there is a peak or two that gives the perception of more highs on the z?
  11. franz12
    Maybe. Seeing the Sonarworks measurement, the lcd4z seems to suffer from uneven upper mids to treble. It seems to have better technicalities than the LCD-x at the cost of the FR. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Relaxasaurus
    When it comes to classical music is there another headphone I should be looking at in this price range? The 800s comes to mind but I test drove the Ananda's recently and enjoyed them more than the Sennheisers (from memory).

    Looking for something that can handle a big orchestral piece smoothly as well as a single violin or cello solo.
  13. Bonddam
    I’m disappionted in Hifiman quality issues. I ordered 1000 se and it came with none working ear cup. I sent them back and waited awhile to reorder. Got second pair today and they worked for 10 minutes. This time same issue right cup. Sent them back and ordered again. I’m 3rd time it should be fine.
  14. Bonddam
    Look at ZMF
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  15. devilboy
    Had the Atticus. Hated it. Couldn't return it fast enough.

    Take everything anyone says here with a grain of salt. Including my post.
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