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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. Hifiearspeakers
    The cups weren’t slimmed to reduce weight. There was a gap there that led to unwanted resonances. The cup redesign fixed that issue.
  2. kid vic
    I swear that it has been confirmed that if you put the v2 pads on a HEKv1 the sound will be identical (or close to) a brand new v2. What pads are on the Arya then?? I was also under the impression that the drivers for v1 & v2 were the same?

    Thats strange though, has hifiman suddenly stopped using the v2 pads for the Arya? Was there a tuning change for these headphones? Maybe the Arya uses v2 pads with a different diaphragm tension (speculation)???

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  3. dan3952
    I have Clears, and feel that their sound stage is average at best for a $1500 headphone. The Sennheiser HD800 blows it out of the water, and all of the Audezes. My closed back Shure SRH1540's that I use for rock music at one third the price of the Clears, have as good or better sound stage.
  4. hemtmaker
    I agree. If there was a driver change, HFM would not offer the upgrade from v1 to v2. I can believe that different cup material will lead to a sonic difference but the rest sounds like they want to attract more SE purchase. Dun quote me for it, just pure speculation
  5. powerincarnate
    Is the Arya headband and yoke metal like the hek or plastic?

    Also I. Torn. Arya vs ether flow vs clear/clear professional. What do you guys think?. I'm really looking for the best headphone in that price range and looking for one that will last a long time. I don't have the money to constantly upgrade.
  6. veepee
    Add in ZMF Auteurs to further complicate things :)
  7. thecrow
    Geez....there is so much speculation around here.

    And (what appears to me) people stating as gospel something they read that someone has been speculating about something.

    I have read a number of reviews/opinions based on people who have heard both the v2 and the v1 stating they sound different to then.

    FFS!!! Hearsay, based on what someone wlse is guessing to be the case is inot facts.

    As an example @Currawong (see his YouTube review of the v2 where he discusses differences) and @project86

    The speculation of headfi does my head in sometimes

  8. franz12
    If you dont know where to start, start from the Clear. I saw a new Clear goes as low as 800. Also, it is the safe bet sonically.
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  9. SilverEars
    If you enjoy mainstream music, it's worthwhile headphone to get. I prefer it more than HD6XX for mainstream music due to it's bass and higher energy upper treble registers. It sounds bright enough, but not too bright or harsh to my ears. 6XX will sound darker in comparison with Clear sounding more vivid in how sound is presented (which fits really well for pop and modern mainstream genre with electronic mix).

    It's rare to find a headphone that presents mainstream music well.

    Personally do not like their retail prices, and the price makes it a bit difficult to pull the trigger, and I'm sure the resale value goes down with Focals due to being priced significantly higher than it's performance worth IMO.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2019
  10. devilboy
    I started at the Clear. Now they're sold.
    To me, the Arya is more enjoyable, easier to listen to, has a MUCH more seductive midrange, and is more comfortable to wear then the Clear.
  11. powerincarnate
    Oh by the way I'm coming from a mrspeakers alpha dog. So closed back t50rp modified planner that I've had for some 8 years or so. Now ready for upgrade to open back.

    I wish I could fine a new focal clears for 800. Price seem to hang around 1299-1499 now.

    Also zeos went nuts for the aeolus so I wonder about them as well in that grouping that I mentioned above which is in the >1000 < 2000 dollar range of open back headphones.

    I prefer clear articulate sound that is fairly neutral...but also can go low. Not Th900 boosted. Neutral but not rolled off at like 30 hz.

    Does anyone know the difference between clear and clear professional??

  12. Serge Bernamej
    This thread sure knows how not to talk about the Arya.
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  13. devilboy
    . Hahaha well said buddy.
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  14. powerincarnate
    Lol. I actually only posted on the Arya thread since for now it's my first choice.

    My original question being g are the cups, yoke, and headband strap metal or plastic
  15. franz12
    I also found the clear and utopia work very well with modern mainstream genre. They sound very hi-fi literally. And modern mainstream genere accounts for more than 90 percent of my listening.

    And I think no headfier pays msrp for their headphone. Even new focal headphones are heavily discounted these days. Used one even more so, as I can see more than 50% discounts for used elear and utopia pretty often.
    But I don't think that is because they sound bad, but because Focal headphones are overbought, due to a.k.a. brand power.

    I don't know what is a fair discount for hifiman headphone these days. But I ended up paing a few hundreds more for a new HE1000se than my Utopia (now sold), even though the Utopia is more expensive in the msrp.
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