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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. mixman
    That's pretty much what I found, that the Ananda had more bass and also more highs, but the Arya was more resolving.
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  2. rq1111
    Agree with your view.
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  3. dan3952
    I was one of the purchasers of the Clear at 0.8k. They are very revealing, and I'm constantly finding quiet tracks in my music that I didn't know were there, because they blended into the background with lesser cans. I don't like them however for music that sounds brassy, or sibilant. They also are a bit polite when used to play hard rock, where I want the extra mid bass that a closed back offers.

    I want to get a darker pair of headphones to supplement. I am struggling with the $2000 price tag of the Ether 2's, and am inclined to look at the Aryas instead.
  4. FangJoker
    I'm not sure what amp and dac you're using but with my current setup, the ether 2 is outstanding with metal/hard rock. It's not too bassy or too bright. There's other headphones that are also great at metal, but I have cervical spine issues so the ether 2 is perfect for me. I wouldn't call it darker, but it hits hard in the right spot. I owned the clear and I thought it was a good headphone, but just not good enough for the types of music that I listen to most.
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  5. dan3952
    I have the Clears, and found your review most valuable. The Aryas could be just what I'm looking for, given the $2000 price tag of the Ether 2 that is making re-evaluate its competitors. I'm looking for a warmer, darker planar headphone to use with music that sounds harsh and brassy, where getting more mid bass presence in an open back would be a bonus. I find with Focals, there's lots of detail, but there's a cold metallic sheen to everything, so music that was recorded this way can fatigue the listener, and make me want to turn the volume down. My other options would be getting an alternate DAC or amplifier that tends towards warmness.

    I find the sound stage of the Clears to be average at best, and not exceptional at its price point. Mid bass quantity was average too, and I had preferred the Audezes for that during testing. I use cheaper Shure closed backs most times for hard rock music, and the Clears most times for quieter passages having strings, acoustic guitars, and pianos. Sometimes, I think those Shures have the better sound stage when used with after market pads (though I hadn't done an A/B/X comparison against the alcantaras). I think we are dealing with the laws of physics here in a dynamic headphone with regard to low bass, and that I would notice the same trends with most other open backs.
  6. mixman
    Good comparison. I am still up in the air about getting the Arya and EQ if I have to or getting a used pair of HEK V2 cheap. At least with the V2 I could use them and get the upgrade to the HEK SE’s eventually. I do love the Hifiman soundstage and accuracy so I am seeking to get one of these soon.
  7. CoFire
    I'm a little shocked by this. I have the HEX V2 and somewhere along the line, I got it in my head that the Arya has more bass than the Ananda and about the same amount perhaps better quality than the HEX V2. Gotta review my notes and impressions.

    I'm struggling with the hype on the E2's. I had a pair for a couple weeks and although they had promise, I wasn't sold on them for $2K. That headphone is a learning experience for me. YMMV, right?
  8. dan3952
    I have a Gilmore Lite mk2 and a Musical Fidelity MX-DAC, which is the beginning of the high end for me (the $1500 price point), once you have revealing headphones. I'm not afraid to own three pairs of headphones, I just can't be buying them all at once. All of the Audeze headphones I had tried, sounded darker than the Clears. Tyll Hertsens, before he had left Inner Fidelity, had said that's because their frequency response is down in the presence region, and doesn't follow the Harman curve as much as he'd like. If circumstances were different, I might not be afraid to EQ them. I had almost bought the LCD-X, but it's insanely heavy; not what I need when I'm traveling for work. The Arya and the Ether 2 have come out since. I had seen the Ether 2 at the store, but I hadn't tried it. That was a shame.
  9. mixman
    Yes, sitting at the Hifiman table at CanJam for about 45 min going back and forth between the Ananda, Arya and HEK SE. I could hear that the Ananda had more punch up top and more impact in the bass. The Arya seems like a mid range monster with nice soundstage and great resolve, just in a relatively laid back manner.

    I feel the same about the E2, I liked them a lot but I am not sure I liked them at $2K.
  10. CoFire
    In your opinion, does the Ananda treble get in the way compared to the trade-off of the Arya having less bass? What's your impression on amount of difference in detail of there is such a thing? Any comments on comfort between the two?
  11. mixman
    If you like your cans on the warm/dark side don't go for the Ananda, they are definitely on the brighter, analytical side of the spectrum. For me, the Arya's slight lack of bass impact isn't the problem as much as the overall character of being a bit too laid back. The Arya does have more detail and a little more clarity, not night and day but it is noticeable. The soundstage is also larger. The Arya is a bit of a conflict for me in that I do feel it is better in some ways but in others it is a let down. As for comfort, I cannot say one is much better than the other, especially compared to let's say Audeze HP's.
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  12. CoFire
    That's probably the biggest criticism of the HEX V2, a laid back presentation. It also gets pinged for a slightly recessed mid range and perhaps just a tad treble roll off but in terms of pros, planar subbass, large soundstage, musical/easy listening, easy to drive (debatable), very comfortable, no offensive treble peaks, and to my ears, good to great detail. Detail would be the toughest metric to compare because it's so subjective yet it shouldn't be. Perhaps to my ears? All in all, I think it's a great headphone and was hoping the Arya could take it to the next level, including the bass. I don't know if i could give up that aspect of the HEX V2.

    Perhaps it really is the one off'er from Hifiman. I've heard the 4XX, own 400i, demo'ing HE-500, and demo'd the Sundara. Unfortunately, the HEX V2 is the only variation of Hifiman's very large driver headphones I've heard.
  13. mixman
    Well, the HEX V2 is supposed to have more bass than the Ananda and from what I heard the Ananda had more bass than the Arya. The Arya is supposed to sound like the HEK V2. I would say go to the HEK SE thread and read what many of the former owners of the HEK V2 said about them, many used the words laid back and soft. The SE improves on that laid back sound with a more dynamic sound.....unfortunately at a much higher cost. Now, many will prefer a softer more laid back HP, especially if they already have a headphone in your face like a Utopia.

    I am strongly thinking about getting a used HEK V2 and later on doing the upgrade to the SE or just getting the latest Hifiman that's out at the time. The strong appeal right now with the Arya is that it can be had for a cheaper price than a used HEK V2 and of course it will be new as opposed to being used.
  14. kid vic

    I don't remember if this was posted here before but he has the Arya and HE1000se simultaneously and finds them indistinguishable......
  15. franz12
    Uh.. I heard that many people are saying that the HEKse is a solid step-up from the HEKv2.
    Is it true that HEKse ~ Ayra > HEKv2 ?

    One thing I hear consistently is that Ayra and HEKse are brighter than HEKv2, so it might be the case that they indeed sound similar.
    Some reviewers have to do serious comparisons between them.
    I really miss Tyll.
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