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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. Wifiman
    Its caused by faster transient, that's the main difference between hek and arya. U pull the driver away from ur face that makes the transient slow down again so the bass extension is back which makes that rummble.
  2. Wifiman
    Pair with more powerful amp will make the bass richer, thats why i also use speaker amp to power these cans. I think maybe the edx v2 is the sound ur looking for.
    I auditioned Ananda with arya before purchase, Ananda does sounds quite nice but i found it really thin sounding and pair with powerful amp doesn't seems to make it better. OTOTH the arya is a bit like 560, power makes the sound alot different.
  3. kid vic
    Excellent news!
  4. Bonddam
    They need to design earpads that make the rumble. Out of all my cans the Arya are my favorite. Currently own LCD x, LCD 2C, HD660, Elex, t60rp and Aeon Flows. On the way are HE1000se and ZMF Aeolus
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2019
    rq1111 likes this.
  5. lugnut
    What speaker amp are you using ?
  6. mixman
    I with you on the LCD X and Elex. Want to hear what you have to say about the 1000 SE vs all of the rest. Until I can get Susvara money, the 1000 SE would be end game for me.
  7. Bonddam
    If Susvara is end game what amp would you pair it with? This weekend I'll be able to compare the two headphones. There is some nuance that I miss from the he1000 v2 when compared to Arya.
  8. rq1111
    Would like to hear your comparison to HE1000SE. Recently went to audit the Ananda, I find it not bad so I wonder how does it compare to Arya and HE 1000SE.
  9. mixman
    I heard the Susvara with a Benchmark HPA4 and a GSX mini. I slightly preferred the mini, but both seemed to sound good on the Susvara.
  10. mixman
    If you can get your hands on an HEX V2, try to compare that against the Arya, to see if the Arya is an improvement over that. The HEX should definitely have more bass at least.
  11. Wifiman
    A Chinese class D amp call Popu DH70 for desktop use and sometimes MBL 7005 from my speaker system(connect to the speaker output).
  12. rq1111
    Today, I went to compare Ananda, Arya and Abyss Diana using my WM1A. I know this kind of audit is not fair to headphone which require more power but wanted to know which Hifiman is close to Abyss Diana.

    To my surprise, Ananda sound signature is close to Abyss Diana. I enjoy Ananda when listening to Hotel California compare to Arya. Arya is very clean sounding and I hear the vocal is recess while Ananda is more forward. The guitar sound of the Hotel California from Ananda is more close to Abyss Diana. Overall, Ananda sound is more similar to Abyss using my wm1a. I might choose Ananda if i use Abyss Diana as a reference. At home, I try to listen Hotel California using HD800s and using memory from the audit, Ananda is more similar tone to HD800S. The vocal part of HD800s is like Arya which is recess but less recess than Arya.

    I like Arya because it is clean and clear and due to vocal seems recess so it sounds more layer. I like Ananda because i enjoy the sound which is like listening in concert and feel the sound is surrounding me. I know my testing is not fair to Arya and Abyss Diana as the power from wm1a is not enough to give them the potential. But tonality, Ananda is close to Abyss Diana which I use it as reference.

    Any comments or suggestions?
  13. CoFire
    How would you compare the bass between the Ananda and Arya? A couple of recent post seen to indicate the Ananda has more bass. Do you concur? Perhaps these impressions have more to do with the material.
  14. ExplodingFist
    It's definitely not the material.

    Edit: To add, I'm going to guess that the Ananda has more flex in the diaphragm, and it moves a lot more for low frequency sound. I recall you could feel the vibrations more when holding the driver while doing a frequency test at similar volumes.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2019
  15. rq1111
    I do hear more bass from Ananda than Arya. Arya is more clean and clear.
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