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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. franz12
    One thing that makes me hesitant is that if one likes hekv2, then susvara is an inevitable path going forward. But no. no 6k and an expensive amp to drive it. I will be murdered soon after I click the buy now.
  2. kid vic
    If you recently bought the HEKv2 and can return them for a full refund, send them back and get the Arya; I admit I can't personally guarantee they are identical in sound but most comparisons indicate that is so. If you have had the HEKv2 long enough that you can't return them for your money back there is no point in giving hifiman more of your money for essentially the same product (unless you have special feelings for the college funds of Fangs offspring). YMMV
  3. UsoppNoKami
    No, the Arya & 1000V2 are not identical. However, the money saved if going the Arya route is worthwhile. If you want to spend HE1k V2 money, then get the HE1000SE instead.

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  4. mixman
    I am intrigued now as to a real comparison of the HEK V2 and the Arya. Many things I have heard about the HEK V2 I did not hear on the Arya. From what I heard at Can Jam I would skip the Arya and go right to the HEK SE. The Arya for me is just too laid back and smooth, moderate bass, good soundstage though. The HEK SE on the other hand was a lot more detailed more neutral, great bass an a really good soundstage and on top of that you can run it from a phone or iPad, if you have to. Too bad it's $3.5K, over twice as much as the Arya. Hifiman now has a bit of a gap since they are no longer making the HEK V2 and the SE is priced pretty high.
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  5. UsoppNoKami
    Arya comes with a cheaper cable that makes it more laid back.

    In coming to my summary that I have linked earlier, I tested my Arya with Norne Audio Silvergarde S3 against stock HE1000V2 with its std cables. Both units well run in. Hearing the differences and what I liked from both cans led me to buying the HE1000SE.
  6. chimney189
    I tried to essentially transform the HEKv2 into the SE version by matching it with the Schiit Jotunheim (known for having a V-shape signature) .. boy was that a mistake!
    I highly advise anyone from matching the HEKv2 and the Jotunheim.
  7. mixman
    Well at Can Jam everyone was switching out cables. On the Arya, I was using different cables, so I am not sure they were the Aryas cables I was listening to. So what I heard I believe was it’s actual sonic signature, which I was disappointed with. The SE opened up the highs and lows. Can’t say much bad about them other than the price.
  8. Bonddam
    Okay so thanks for the info, I'm more then likely going to stick with the HE 1000 v2, don't want to loose what I love about them. Arya being laid back may not be my thing. My LCD 2C are laid back and those I listen to before bedtime. Things I don't like about the HE 1000 v2 is build quality examples are wood trim isn't perfect the window shade has stubbies on the inner edges and last the earpads are not even. Good thing is I only paid 2699 through Amazon brand new. Again thanks guys.
  9. Wifiman
    Based on all the reviews I read and my personal experience the hek series are more laid-back than arya. Also the arya market as studio version of hek in China so it kind of tells the story. Arya have faster transient than the hek series by sacrifice extension on both end and a bit of air or soundstage to do so.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2019
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  10. UsoppNoKami
    I agree with you, the Arya is actually more dynamic sounding as you say. But IMO not so with the standard cable - I think HFM used the Ed X type cable instead of HE1K type of cable as a tuning tool, and it made the Arya seem more laid back and muddy to me. I believe it's a plain copper type rather than the silver/copper mix of the 1K series.

    When I swapped on a reference silver cable, the Arya sounded more punchy than the V2, however the HE1KV2 had more refinement, with better clarity whilst being smoother sounding at the same time. My A/B was done on an AudioGD HE-9 amp fed by Cayin DAC at a local audio lounge.

    If you're a HE1000V2 owner, IMHO you prob shd just keep your headphone or upgrade to the SE. The Arya is a great headphone at it's price point or whatever discounted price one may find. I've still got mine even tho I bought the SE, probably gift it to my brother rather than sell it.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2019
  11. hemtmaker
    Agreed, Arya is not more laid back
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  12. devilboy
    I have a stupid question.
    As stated in the owner's manual, the Arya takes 150 hours for full break in. I don't want to run my computer and amplifier continuously that long. My only other option is an old CD player I have which I used for break in on other components in the past. It has a headphone jack. I know the Arya likes a lot of power but I'm worried about using the CD player for the break-in because I don't think the output will be enough power and I'm concerned that the drivers will have to struggle to play with the little amount of power they're getting.

    Or, am I overthinking this?
  13. chimney189
    Anyone try the Arya with the DragonFly Red?
  14. Hifiearspeakers
    Definitely not enough power to drive them correctly.
  15. chimney189
    My HEKv2 sounds more than acceptable on the DragonFly Red! The SE is even more efficient. To say that it needs more power than that sounds misleading, no?
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