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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. Wifiman
    IMO Arya use old headband design is mainly because of comfort. The new headband is better for portable use but less comfortable.
  2. mixman
    Well right now between my HP's the Flex and the LCD X, I just hope an Arya isn't just too mellow. While an LCD X has a relatively relaxed sound it still has impact and dynamics. What pissed me off about the Sundara is that it had none of that, only a kind of big, fuzzy soundstage and I hope the Arya doesn't remind me of a Sundara on steroids.
  3. devilboy
    Agree. Maybe if I never heard the Clear I would think the Arya would be too laid-back, but after having lived with the Clear and the overly aggressive punch and dynamics, I welcome the slightly laid-back presentation of the Aria.
    Who knows, maybe one day I will be sick of it.
    This madness never ends.
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  4. Serge Bernamej
    Hahahahaha, true ! I sold my Clear but I do miss it. I’m still keeping the HD800S and LCD3 as open alternatives.
  5. BuddhaBruce
    Enjoying the heck out of my Aryas :)

    Perfect upgrade from the HEXV2.
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  6. Wheel Hoss
    What do yuh find an upgrade? Haven’t heard Arya. Yet.
  7. devilboy
    I'm trying to kick the Mad Elves out of my house today (for those who know what I'm talking about, cheers), so I'm posting this random pic of my amazingly seductive Arya tethered to a Burson Conductor V2+ by a 16' WyWires Red cable. IMG_20190216_154209801.jpg
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  8. devilboy
    Omega stand is only for the photo. I think the pads get squeezed too much when it's on it so I ordered a different one where it can just hang. Omega stand was for the Focal Clear but I'm selling that.
  9. Wifiman
    Does anyone find their Arya making squeeky noises while twisting the headband joint? Mine does and its quite annoying every time I put them on/off.
  10. devilboy
    Nope. Mine are Dead quiet.
  11. hemtmaker
    A lot of them do. All 5 pairs of similarly design headphones that I tried have them (2 HeXv2, 2 HeKv2 and 1 Arya). I ended up returning the Arya and asked HiFiman to hand pick a good pair for me. Now it’s all good
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  12. Wifiman
    How long does it take to swap? Its a new pair or just new headband? I would like to do that too but i cant have nothing to listen to for too long.
  13. hemtmaker
    My first pair had excessive squeeky noise so I emailed the support and they asked me to RMA it. I wasn’t sure if they could satisfy me so I ended up returning them. Later on, I asked HiFiman to sell me a good pair which is what I ended up getting.
  14. Bonddam
    I'm on the fence about keeping HE 1000 v2 or send them back and get the Arya. Too many posts to go through so if someone who has compared both could help me. I made the purchase through Amazon so returning isn't an issue. I'm amazed by the qualities of the 1000s. I would guess that sound could change due to different housing material.
  15. afreekindazone
    The new headband feels cheap and I don't think that Hifiman headphones are really ''portable''. I have their Edition S and X V2, both failed the outdoor tests
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