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Hifiman Ananda

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rutter, May 13, 2018.
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  1. davidmthekidd
    To me they sounded the same, the bass sounded a bit better on the Arya's but not $700 better. also, that stupid headband from the 400i's kill me, the Aryas have those a-swell I preffer the Ananda's headband.
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  2. davidmthekidd
    Sound / Price and the much better headband.
  3. kid vic
    Interesting, thanks for the impressions.
  4. davidmthekidd
    Also, the presentation of the Ananda is very nice
    I did not, they had the HEKv2 on display and I did not bother to ask since the Ananda's succeed the HEKv2.
  5. Alpsun
    I compared the Arya with the Ananda today. I've spent an hour at a local dealer comparing the two and I found the difference in sound between them really small. I already own the Ananda but since the Arya is a new arrival, I liked to test it out.

    The shops Ananda however had a tiny balance issue where the sound balance is a little bit more on the right side. It's barely noticable but comparing it with the Arya made me notice it.
    Coincidentally, the Ananda's left driver had this small silvery line on the membrane but not on the right side. More people have posted that in this thread but was also noted it did not affect the sound quality.

    My own Ananda also has that silvery line on the left side driver's membrane and I feel that it too has the balance issue. I tried different cables and amps but it remains the same.

    Do other Ananda owners have that too?
  6. davidmthekidd
    No issue on my end so far.
  7. karmazynowy
    What about that sound comparision? Can you tell us more? Thanks.
  8. Jazzkammer
    Can anyone speak to how the Ananda does with classical music? I'm looking for micro-detail, soundstage, and instrument separation, akin to HD800 but I'm hoping the Ananda has a more balanced sonic signature than the HD800 (no low-end).
  9. bagwell359
    I think the HEX V2 is better for classical. The Ananda treble is a little emphasized - more of a rock can, and closer to the HD800 signature than the HEX V2. The HEX has superb bass, not quite the impact of the SE-6, but probably quicker. HEX V2 owners have been selling. 3 months ago it was a good deal to get one for high 900's. I saw one in Cananda "asking" 775 US about 2 weeks ago. If you're patient (say to early Jan) you might get one low 700's. The MD XX is undermining prices, plus that the HEX V2 is retired - although Audio46 has a new one today - which it hasn't for about 4-5 weeks.

    HFM prices are dropping all over. Audio46 selling HE6se for $1439 today (list $1699), HE5se $549 (list $699)
  10. Alpsun
    The soundstage and detail was identical between the two.
    Bass was a tad bit more on the Arya.
    Overall the Arya sounded a bit warmer and the Ananda a bit more neutral to my ears but the difference is tiny between them.
    The Arya didn't seem to have the 8k hz peak that the Ananda has.

    The build quality of the Arya is better with aluminum(?) grills and a better headband that can swivel the cups. The Arya cups have a better seal on my head than the Ananda, because of the swivel on the headband. The Arya is also lighter than the Ananda.
    The drivers looked idententical from the outside but I think the Arya has thinner membranes than the Ananda.
    The Arya needs a bit more power to drive them.

    The Arya was new and not burned in yet. The Ananda was burned in. It ran on a Naim NDX-2 media player connected to an iPad with Tidal and the Naim was connected to a Moon NEO 230HAD headphone amp. The room was quiet.
  11. franz12
    It is interesting to see that HifiMan tunes their headphones in a similar way, while some other manufacturers adopt different tuning across their offering.
    I heard he400i, sundara, and ananda. sundara is better than he400i, and ananda is better than sundara, but there is only an increment step up from one to another. There was no drastic change in their sonic signature.
    I think that also applies to ananda vs ayra, and ayra vs he1000 se.
    he1000 se vs susvara might differ, but I don't know.
  12. CoFire
    From this description, the Arya sounds like more of a successor to the HEX V2 than the Ananda.
  13. davidmthekidd
    That's my impression when I tried them the other day.
  14. ahmedie
    I listened to anada today and I was really impressed with separation sound stage and imagining the tonal balance is spot on, they have fast driver with good bass and good highs. They had so much details and warmer signature. I think they are easy to pair with many amps. I prefer them so much over all other headphone at the price point
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2018
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  15. Pharmaboy
    On my 2nd attempt to get a good condition, used HEX v2, a couple months ago I succeeded. Not only is it in perfect condition, but the 2 sliding snap-together connectors that hold the entire earcup-yoke-joins-headband together are metal on this 2nd pair, not plastic parts that blew apart on the 1st pair.

    But the big surprise is how outstanding the HEX v2 sound is. The bass is rather unbelievable for an open-back planar--and I'm comparing it to a pre-fazor LCD-2.1 & pf LCD-3 (better than both in bass)...a deep, plump planar bass sound. Tonality is smooth & even, top to bottom, with a little sparkle (a restrained, non-edgy sparkle) in upper mids. I have yet to hear any music that doesn't sound very good on this headphone. Of course the first thing I did was dump the bizarro stock SE cables and replace with an inexpensive-but-good balanced cable...so I've only heard this balanced so far on LC v2 & V281.

    This HEX v2 is a very pleasant surprise to me, after having the 1st used pair break on me, not to mention hearing all the horror stories of HFM QC...
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