HiFiMAN Ananda questions
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Nov 21, 2020
Hello all!

So I'm rather convinced to get the Anandas, but I have a couple of things I haven't been able to get sorted.

The main is versions. I see them doing a lot of updates up and down their line, and besides the BT version, they haven't released an update to the Anandas. An interview from a year ago said they weren't working on enhancing the Sundaras or the Anandas, but they did enhance the Sundaras. Anyone heard of anything in the works?

Secondly, has anyone tried them with a Modi Multibit and a Cavalli Tube Hybrid? I've rolled tubes around a bit and run a gold lion E88CC, so it won't be quite the same as stock, but close enough. (And the whole 'does the tube matter in the hybrid' question is beyond the scope of this, but my personal experience is yes it does, a lot.)

Thanks for the help!
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I think Hifiman did a silent revision of the Ananda around the time of the Arya and Sundara silent revisions. Like the Arya's, the Ananda's mesh under the rear grille has been replaced with a fabric one to keep out any dust better, and to that end I would assume that the Ananda cups now feature a dust cover. Prior to the silent revision, the cups did not have one, as the dust covers were affixed to the pads, so the drivers were exposed to the elements when you removed the pads. I would guess, like the Arya's, the dust covers were transferred from the ear pads to the cups themselves to cover the driver so that now the ear pads come without the drivers.

The Ananda's are easy cans to drive, so the CTH should be fine to drive them.
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