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  1. TeamHiFiMAN
    Here at HIFIMAN we want to try to give back to the community and it is with this goal in mind that are initiating the ANANDA-BT Loaner Tour. In short, we are putting the ANANDA-BT in the hands of members to experience HIFIMAN gear from the forum that matters most and thus the most important headphone community.
    The audiophile-grade HIFIMAN ANANDA-BT, with HD Bluetooth technology, offers up to 24bit / 192khz (USB), 24bit / 96khz (Bluetooth), and a high-quality DAC with a powerful balanced amplifier. ANANDA-BT features an internal, custom-designed amplifier that is the perfect match for currently available HD Bluetooth codecs. It can be used either wireless or wired.

    Interested? If so, please note that at the moment, the program is operating exclusively in the USA and Europe. In the space below, please confirm that you want to borrow the headphone and fill your city and state (we will PM you for your full details.) Then in a line or two say why you would like to take part. Also, in return for being included in the program, we ask that you commit to posting your first impressions of the ANANDA-BT when it arrives, with a more detailed assessment after you had a couple weeks to spend some quality time listening to your favorite music.

    To take part you must be located in the USA or Europe. We will select who takes part and in what order, we will inform prospective participants once they are next in line. This is to confirm they are available and allow us to ensure smooth handovers. Participants must also provide us with a photo of the item just before they pass it onward so that we can confirm its good condition when it left them. The duration of the loan will be two weeks from once it gets to your home. We will provide you with a shipping label to pass the ANANDA-BT to the next participant.

    Hifiman Team
    HiFiMAN Innovating the art of listening. Stay updated on HiFiMAN at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  2. iMongui
    Im interested !

    Barcelona, Spain.

    Im traveling frequently because my job and im looking for a top wireless headphones, I don't care about ANC or things like that, I just want to enjoy the music on a very good way. But also use them wired if that's the case as I have some devices that I carry with me on my travels so I can be a good candidate to try them :)
  3. HuoYuanJia
  4. Khragon
    I like to participate.. I have Audeze i3, using it with the BT dongle. I am interested in a good sounding BT fullsize open can.

    Torrance, CA, USA
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2020
  5. Wiljen
    Count me in, Loved the Ananda so I'll be interested to see how the BT version compares!

    KIngsport, TN, USA
  6. Ichos
    Hi ,
    Please count me in.
    Located at Greece.
    Participated at the Ananda Loaner tour and reviewed it so now i would like very much to compare it to the BT edition.
  7. Skooks
    I would like to participate. I currently have the wired Ananda and very much like the sound.
  8. arrowmark Contributor
    I would like to experience the Amanda BT.
    I have owned the Regular Amanda and Love it and would like to compare them.
  9. White Noise
    I'm in Los Angeles, CA, US

    I'd like to hear these as I was on the Ananda Loaner Tour a few months back. I liked the headphones, but they ultimately weren't for me. Still, I'm curious to compare the wired versus wireless sound and maybe the wired versus wireless value proposition.
  10. cainam
    Hi there,
    regards from Dortmund, Germany!
    I have (currently on my ears) an HE1000V1. Add. I own an Audeze LCD-XC and both are powered from an Audiovalve Luminare!
    Please send me the BT Ananda for testing.
  11. thefitz
    Hopefully all these "meaning to try these" people from the other thread apply!
  12. Heartsmart
    I would love to participate. Ananda BT might be what I’m looking for.

    Regards from Sweden
  13. Voxata
    I would love to take part! I enjoy my HE-560&400S and have been looking for a convenient upgrade as I currently use the 400S with an xCAN for wireless ability when on the road. This would be a prospect to shorten the links my chain and I could just use my laptop+headphones wirelessly. I've got a few reviews up here on HF, a large amount of transaction feedback and plenty of involvement with the community. I am located in Windsor, CO.
  14. SeEnCreaTive
    I'd love to give them a try!
    I have sold consumer electronics for a good few years, and cell phones for much longer (and still do). I have a large amount of experience with Bluetooth and more importantly, the mobile consumer. As well as being young myself and of course being an audio enthusiast

    Coeur D'Alene Idaho
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2020
  15. buffalomatt
    I would love to listen to these! The Edition X V2 are my main headphones, but I find my self listening to them less and less lately because the cable is getting in the way while I work. So a chance to see if the BT sounds comparable would be perfect! If could replace my desktop rig with one standalone unit, even better!

    Atlanta, GA
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