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HiFiMan Ananda BT - Biggest, Baddest, Bluetooth Headphones

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  1. ostewart
    I'll also chime in and say these sound very very good. I'm using them with a google pixel 3a which supports Aptx and LDAC.

    These are definitely one of the more interesting recent releases. I've been anti bluetooth for a while but these just nail it, they sound like a proper headphone should with excellent tonal balance and plenty of detail.
  2. ciber
    Amazon has it now.

    I love it, the sound of Ananda is so nice. It makes sense to get rid of wires and I can walk everywhere. There are two sellers on the Amazon, be sure to choose Hifiman Official with 98% rating.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2019
  3. Aliv3
    It's possible to connect these with a Ps4 or Xbox?
  4. Virtu Fortuna
  5. bronco1015
    For anyone whos heard any of the following headphones, could you share your experiences with those vs the Ananda BT? PSB M4U 8, Beyer Dynamic lagoon, Bose ANC700, Sony WH1000X M3, Blue Sattelite, Sony WH1000X M2, Jabra Elite 85H Bose QC 35. Note I only have the QC35 and have previously owned Blue Sattelite and PSB M4u 8, but have spent a fair amount of time with the rest of the models i've mentioned with the exception of the Lagoon. I know YMMv, other factors etc, i'm just thinking of the whole dominishing returns thing and am curious to hear if anyone's experience suggests that these are worth paying $999 for.
  6. VandyMan
    Hifiman email:
    HIFIMAN is pleased to announce a firmware update for the ANANDA-BT is now available.
    Please see the link for you reference:

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

    (I have not had a chance to try it yet.)
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  7. turbomustang84
    How do these sound when using the wired connection?
  8. HiFiGuy528
    HFM definitely has the sound department down. I own a few models. I like to try the BT version one day with my gold Walkman via LDAC.
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  9. Dobrescu George
  10. Dobrescu George
    Not that different from when using the BT connection, the wired connection is still using the DAC and AMP inside the headphones themselves, you can't use a 3.5mm line, just the USB which transfers data, but man it is a nice sound!
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  11. turbomustang84
    I really am enjoying your videos
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  12. Dobrescu George
    Thank you very much!! :)
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  13. bowei006 Contributor
    Just got mine in, im a beweaber now

    I honestly though open back 'higher end' audiophile headphones with BT was kinda stupid...i mean top grade OPEN back headphone the size of your head....wireless?..ha. This is as great of an idea of a restaurant on wheels amirite? I mean where do the patrons sit!? (and thus it turns out food trucks are actually super popular)

    Im doing laundry and walking around listening without care...sure you could have done the same with a wired DAP...but the cable weight and the cable swinging around and size DAP in your pocket...gives limited movement and impedes true portability.

    Screw true wireless, this is where it's at.


    Regular Ananda to the left, Ananda BT to the right.
  14. bowei006 Contributor
    So I was super hyped for the built in Mic. I mean using top of the line headphones (or near it) to play and get gains in video games is nothing new. People have done it for years with AKG Q701/HD650/Beyers and HD800s. Even Audeze with the GX (sitting next to the Ananda BT right now) are doing it.

    The possibilities are endless.

    The Built in Bluetooth receiver and DAC/amp has been fairly high quality so far, something you don't see often in fully integrated wireless products (the TWS600 has noise on the line when on) but the Ananda BT's have a fairly good built in USB DAC/Amp setup.

    ADC on the other hand, I guess I was expecting too much. Microphone input is workable but fairly noisy. It seems more added as an afterthought from what I'm guessing being an open ADC channel/pin on whatever chip solution (Qualcomm?) they purchased from. Most manufacturers ignore it.


    Now something I've noticed from usability pov with the mic...its awkward. It's tiny, short and relies more on being omnidirectional to pic up the operator (pattern found more commonly on say in ear headphones) seeing as how it doesn't require and is far from the operators lips. See the GX to the right. The mic is right in front of your mouth and it is directional.

    also noticed some awkward cable mixing with the USB C and mic location...they would have been better flip flopped with the USB C being nearly pointed straight down and the mic situated higher up so it's closer to the user.

    Overall, honeslty nothing most of you here care about. The Ananda is a pretty upper tier audiophile open backed headphone. Microphone was probably not on many of your lists.

    Quick test clip.

    Audeze GX -> EVGA Nu Audio interface (Audeze recommended)
    Ananda BT w/Mic ->USB C to desktop
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2019
  15. serwei
    How about a folding yoke? See Dan Clarks' new Aeon 2..
    I'm on the non-BT Ananda, and lugging that big case with the empty space where the yoke is uncomfortable.
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