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Hifiman 801 Appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by greenleo, Sep 29, 2009.
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  1. LarsHP
    GAME = Ganqi bay Amplifier Module for Earphones.
    Stock amp = Standard amp.
    Note that - unfortuneately - the GAME amp has an output impedance of 32 Ohm and that the Standard/Stock amp has a 18 Ohm output impedance. This is relevant for low impedance multi-BA IEMs since these usually will get a boost in the upper frequencies and a bass roll off. This might not be a bad thing with some (bass heavy, dark sounding) IEMs, but on others (bass shy, bright sounding) it will certainly pull the wrong way.
    In addition the bass control will be lowered on dynamic drivers (compared to an amp with a very low output impedance). Not sure if BA bass-drivers will be affected in this way.
  2. Mshenay Contributor
    Okie dokie, I'm using an amp with my Hm 801 anyways [Just wanted her for the Dac chip honestly] 
  3. dallan Contributor

    Sorry, haven't had time lately to read much out here and just got to this. I don't remember hearing pops as stated above and per your question, flac files of regular cd's, and both 24/48 and 24/96 bit rates. Use edition 8, es10 and jh13 headphones sometimes hp out other times line out to Pico or Pico power amps.
  4. zilch0md
    Thank you. I finally figured out that only FLAC files can be played without hearing loud pops between tracks, but it doesn't matter now, as I've returned the HM-801 for a refund. The sound quality wasn't worth all the hoops it had me jumping through.

    Thanks again,

  5. dallan Contributor
    I like the sound but recently got the Ak120 due to size and ability to play more of a variety of files. Sounds good too, more accurate but less sweet.
  6. Mshenay Contributor
    OMG... just got my 801 today and HOLY CRAP it sounds AWESOME with my W1000x! The hm 801 and Modded w1k are a match made in HEAVEN 
  7. costas23
    the hm801 is my favourite player... impressive clarity and very nice soundstage!
    did anyone listen to the newer hifiman DAPs like 700 and 802 and could compare it to the 801?
  8. nangryo
    Hi. Anyone could give me direction of how to turn the eq off in the player. I was meddling with the eq, and now the eq icon keep showing off even after I set all the eq bar to zero. thx
  9. LarsHP
    I don't have the 801 anymore, but IIRC: Go in the settings/menu and choose "normal". You can also disable the EQ completely. However, this was with older firmware versions, so this might no apply in the newest one ... If everything else fails - contact Head-Direct.
  10. ursdiego
    Just to know what happens: If I install ("downgrade") to 0.19 and patch it with rockbox, will it be the 0.19-Firmware that handles the sound, or is this part overwritten by rockbox? In other terms: If I install rockbox (as dual boot over the original firmware), does the sound quality depend on the original firmware version that was installed first?
  11. ade_hall

    They are independent from each other. You want to install Rockbox?
  12. ursdiego
    I already did. Originally my FW was Version 0.23. After reading that 0.19 seems to have a better sound quality, I installed 0.19 beta. And then I installed Rockbox over it, which actually results in dual boot now. I must say that it sounds awesome with Rockbox. I have the impression that Rockbox soundstage is more precise and timing is better with Rockbox than playing with 0.19. Anyway, comparison makes it difficult, so I am not really sure about the differences, as rebooting and searching the track each time detracts from the sound impressions.
    The question came because I read somewhere, that rockbox "patched" the original FW, so this sounded to me as if some parts of the originally installed FW staid in place.
  13. LarsHP
    FYI Rockbox doesn't play 24-bit files natively. 24-bit files are scaled down to CD format before the DAC chip receives the signal.
  14. ursdiego
    OK that's good to know, thanks. Not cool... Why the heck do they do this...? Does not make much sense imo. However, for what I listend up to now, all was 16bit/44.1khz material and sounded good.
  15. ursdiego
    EDIT: I turn this one into a thread of its own...
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