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Hifiman 801 Appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by greenleo, Sep 29, 2009.
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  1. ianmedium
    Oh thats great, in all likelihood my unit will probably have this then.
    Playback resume is useful to me but I never EQ.
    I just found a place that sells 24/96 classical music albums and they take Paypal so I will give some of those a go as well.
  2. HungryDaze
    It's a pity that I don't understand the difference between the measurements.
    Update: Now I see what you are talking about.
    By the way, I will probably lay my hands on the SYMM card apm this week, so I'll be able to review it soon.
  3. i_djoel2000
    Very cool clieos! looks like shorting the output impedance yields noticeable improvement in frequency response
    do you happen to know the position of output resistor in HM60x series too?
  4. ClieOS Contributor
    Don't know. But it shouldn't be too hard to find. You can just trace back from the headphone jack.
  5. i_djoel2000
    thanks.. i thought you already know
    so how do you think about its SQ after output resistor mod? any significant improvement?
  6. ClieOS Contributor
    It really doesn't meant to improve SQ. It makes pairing with multi-driver IEM (with crossover) a possibility without the added coloration, which is what it is meant to do.
  7. LarsHP
    How about output level? Did the mod increase it?
  8. ClieOS Contributor
    Sure, the headphone should see more power now (of the same position on the pot). However, it doesn't sound like a big jump to the ears.
  9. ianmedium
    I have a question to make sure I am doing this right.

    My 801 should be here next week and in anticipation I have purchased some class 4 SDHC cards, Kingston and San Disc.

    I use a Mac and iTunes and all my files are wav ripped from CD.
    I just want to check I am doing this right! I create a folder on my desktop and name it with artist and album title. I then drag the album from iTunes into that folder and then drag that folder onto the SD card. Once I have a number of albums on the card I then sort them alphabetically. I have pre formatted the card in disc utility to FAT 32

    Am I doing it all right?

    Thanks in advance.
  10. ClieOS Contributor
    I think HM801 like to sort its library based on the modification time (the writing time). You might want to drag all the files / folder / sub-folder in one go so the time line remains unchanged for all the files.
  11. ianmedium
    Oh thanks for that. The smaller cards I did that with but the 32g I have filled over the past day on separate occasions. I can take them off and put them all on again in one go, takes a little while though eh!
  12. ClieOS Contributor
    I think there are software that will rewrite the mod time on SD card without needing to copy/paste them again, but I forget what name it is or whether there is a Mac version or now.
  13. LarsHP
    I think of the folder sorting like a "new music" sorting. If I add new albums/folders, they show up in the bottom with second newest one step higher. With FLAC files the player uses normal tag sorting: album name and artist name are in alphabetical order. With wav files you don't have that option, however, if I get this right.
  14. LarsHP
    How much in dB would you think it increases?
  15. ClieOS Contributor
    I don't think I can say a number for sure.
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