HIFIMAN’s Lucky Upgrade Opportunity

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  1. phaeton70
    yup, same here, very curious to verify the difference between HEK v1 and v2.... and Utopia.... and HE6... and LCD4.... also with regards to different amplifiers.... I have read that v2 are a little bit easier on the amp, and I will have soon a new 2A3 to play with [​IMG]
  2. doctorjazz
    Anyone heard anything?
  3. matthewhypolite
    I was in the 2nd to last batch, and i just received mine today. Did not know it was shipped, so i was messaging them on head-fi trying to get an update, then i got a call from DHL saying they have a package for me. So once you get your information to them, i guess it's just to wait.
    Currently doing my comparative process.
    Thanks Hifiman. 
  4. doctorjazz
    I'm in the last group, so I guess it could still be a while. No big deal,just wondering what to expect.
  5. phaeton70
    me too also received an unexpected packet two days ago. I was picked up in the december draw.
    unfortunately the v2 in the packet was defective (one channel completely mute) so I will have to ship back to HFM. hopefully it will not take another 3 months for the replacement [​IMG] 
  6. Toolman
    I think HFM is short on spare v2 stock atm since they will have to fulfill a lot of their distributors orders
  7. Hifi59

    I contacted them in early April. They expect them to ship around mid month.
  8. doctorjazz
    That would be cool, thanks!
  9. doctorjazz
    @Hifi59-any news?
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