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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by asher7323, Apr 2, 2009.
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  1. asher7323
    Smooth transaction with hifidk as a buyer. Immediate payment and confirmation of package arrival. I hope you enjoy the amp!
  2. lowlevelowl
    Sold hifidk a pair of headphones. Payment was prompt and he let me know when the package arrived. Pleasure to deal with and would recommend!
  3. gilency Contributor
    Sold hifidk my Little Dot Mk III. He was very prompt in his payment.
    Very honest; I recommend him without hesitation; I would do business with him again.
  4. visia
    Sold hifidk Atrio M5's and Klipsch Custom-3's. He paid immediately, confirmed delivery. Excellent transaction, highly recommended. Thank you!
  5. ABluesTraveler
    Bought hifidk's Little Dot Mk III. He shipped that morning and I received it two days later, in perfect condition just as described. Even sent me pictures of how he packed etc.

    The highest recommendation.

    Thank you so much!
  6. troymadison
    Hifidk bought 3 headphones from me at the same time. This guy is hardcore. He is also a really cool guy and I would love to sell him more stuff in the future.
  7. ourfpshero
    bought a jvc harx900 from him. fast shipping -all went great!
  8. jamesp
    Bought a MS1 from Dae, he shipped out the same day and I got it 2 days later. Great service, I would deal with Dae anytime.
  9. tonsosnot
    I sold Dae my AKG K701s and Senn HD580s. His communication was great and he paid promptly. I would not hesitate to work with him again. Thanks Dae!
  10. AsTimeGoesBy
    I sold Hifidk my DT880 headphones. The transaction went smoothly. He is very nice and paid very fast. Strongly recommended. Thanks!!
  11. tdogzthmn
    Traded hifidk for an HD600; everything went well and I was pleased to do business with him.
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  12. tattoou2
    Smooth positive transaction with Dae for his K701. Fast shipping, good packaging. Would certainly repeat buying from him. Thanks.
  13. .coco
    Dae bought a HFI780 from me. Great guy to deal with!
  14. Andy777
    Purchased a pair of HD650's from Dae. He was really great to work with. This was my first purchase on Head-Fi and he went out of his way to make me feel comfortable. He shipped the same day I paid and the cans were in even better condition than he described. Highly recommended. Thanks Dae!!!
  15. TheCool
    Immediately upon agreeing to purchase my akg k501's, Dae sent the payment. You really can't ask for much more from a buyer. This is the type of smooth transaction that I hope for every time I buy/sell gear. I would definitely do business with him again.
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