hifi or studio?
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Jan 11, 2013
I'm about to make an order to thomann with some friends... and I was about to buy some new headphones. I have some simple Sennheiser HD215's right now. When I use them for producing, I only use them for arranging and composing, not mixing, because I've had a bad experience from previous attempts. Everything sounded ok on hphones but the overall mix lacked balance on better speakers. The headphones masked mistakes. Not surprising as these are not designed for this purpose. Thing is, I'm lately forced to produce only during nighttime lately, and I'm seeking a solution for the problem. So I need a new set of them, with the general purpose of producing on them but with the ability of doing a decent mix. But when I have entered the headphone section of online shops like Thomann, there's the choice between studio and hifi headphones. Looks like I'm looking for a flat spectrum response, so at first sight the hifi might be the most suitable. Seems to me that studio headphones are more oriented towards recording musicians, isolating from the enviroment... What do I need? I'm looking for some decent low end headphones on the 100-180Eur range?
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I honestly don't make a distinction between hifi/studio/monitor/dj headphones... Rather open/closed and neutral/colored are more meaningful to me. Obviously for mixing you need clear, transparent headphones with a neutral signature. AKG K550?
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Words like Studio, Professional, DJ are all marketing mumbo jumbo that doesn't mean anything.

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