Hifi desktop setup. B&W CM6 S2 for near-field desktop?
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Aug 11, 2015
I'm setting up my first desktop setup.

This set will start from 2 speakers but thinking about adding a subwoofer later on.

Dac: Gustard X20 (own this already)
Amplifier: Hypex Ncore (because of the tiny package, currently on it's way).

Speakers i'm looking for:
- Quality.
- Warmer side of the spectrum because of my upstream devices.
- Bass port preferably in front or on top so they can be place on my desk/close to the wall.
- Wood finish is a pre.

I will use (desktop) stands with the speakers to place them optimally. The back wall will be treated for optimal sound.

I prefer to listen on low volumes.

They will be standing 1m20 apart. Room is 4*5m. Desktop use mostly. So sitting really near-field.

Went to a local dealer and heard all the B&W / Kef bookshelfs, and with not counting the 805D3 and Kef 201/2 i liked the CM6 S2's the best although it has a rear bass port. The 805 and 201/2 would be a better fit because of their ports. But the prices are too steep for me.

So i'm now thinking about the CM6's with the bass plugs. Or should i always stay away from plugging bass ports?

Any advice on other speakers i should consider?

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