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Hidizs Sonata HD DAC cable - new tiny and mighty DAC&AMP

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by IryxBRO, May 25, 2018.
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  1. billbishere
    It's a $30 device....I spend more on pads / tips.....lol It's not like we are talking about a Fiio Q5s or something.

    That is what I want, and may get one once they settle down and get back to MSRP.
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  2. Lifted Andreas
    Not to say that it NEEDS to cost more than $30!

    Just think about how much it costs them to make it.

    I think Sonata HD2/S3 is good for no more than $35, basically same price as a FiiO K1. I think anything above that is not worth it, since you can almost buy a FiiO BT DAC at those prices.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
  3. baskingshark
    Hi any of you guys use an inline volume controller with the sonata HD with your phones? (I have an android with OTG lightning adapter to it, using Hibymusic app, so I can only control volume via the app as I'm using adapter).

    I like the sonata HD a lot but maybe one small con about it is there is no volume controller on it. I have tried a few different volume contollers with it and I find the sound quality is a bit degraded IMHO.
    Wondering what u guys use?
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
  4. Lifted Andreas
    It's degraded because when you use it on anything either than music firmware the max quality output is reduced. However if you use it on music firmware the remote on IEMs will not work (IE the pause and volume buttons).

    I think only 1 firmware allows the remote to work.
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  5. baskingshark
    Thanks for the advise. That is a real bummer. If they create a cable with added volume controller, it would be perfect.
  6. Toshu
    So I just got the Hidizs Sonata HDII cable DAC that was on special for $26. Connected to my Pixel 3XL, and downloaded the UAPP app.
    The volume increase is great except its too loud and I have no way yo reduce the volume. Anyone know what settings in UAPP I need to be able to control volume via the phone buttons???
  7. peter123
    Iirc you must enable software volume control in UAPP. I'm also pretty sure that this can not work with bit perfect enabled.
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  8. jasonb
    You can use either software or hardware volume, but you'll get better control using the software volume.
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  9. peter123
    Yes you're right. I only had the E1DA ES9038S available when I answered and it didn't work with hardware controls. I'm now at home and both does indeed work with the Sonata.
  10. Toshu
    got it working after I flashed new firmware.
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  11. Toshu
    BTW, I also bought a Soditer dongle at the same time I bought the Hidizs unit from Amazon last friday.
    I am surprised how clearer the sound is, primarily for hires songs.
    I will be returning the Soditer dongle due to getting a number of piercing static noise at very high volumes as reported by other users.
  12. baskingshark
    Any of you guys using the Sonata HD directly with PC (windows 10) find there is some popping or clicking noise when skipping tracks/fastforwarding mp3s? (firmware D). On my android phone it doesn't happen.
    If so, any way to resolve it?

    thanks in advance for your input!
  13. DirtyMind
    Hi y'all,

    I am new here, but I have been "watching" u, as in, reading here in forever :wink:
    I just now signed up - and that is because I got myself finally after spending a lot of time in this thread, the Sonata HD.

    It arrived today and I tried it right away with my P20 and on my PC. It definitely got a lot more power, than the original output on my phone, but there is some weird noise every other second... almost like a stutter.. just like.. a clicking?

    I read through the entire thread again, to see if anyone else has this kind of problem and to see if someone has a solution, but didn't quite find anything. I did put the firmware D on the device, that worked, but the noise is still there. Is my dongle just broken, or do u think there is anything I can do about it?

    Cheers! :L3000:
  14. gordec
    I just bought this for Note 10. It should work right? I'm pretty upset Samsung removed the headphone jack. Note 9 sounded pretty good as good as many stand alone DACs for IEMs.
  15. gordec

    I just got the Sonata, trying update to firmware D for Note 10. I downloaded the file and plugged in the Sonata to Windows 10 pc. Windows picks up the Sonata right away, but the update app doesn't see the Sonata to update. Anyone else has similar issues?
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