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Hidizs Sonata HD DAC cable - new tiny and mighty DAC&AMP

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by IryxBRO, May 25, 2018.
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  1. jasonb
    No durability issues with my Sonata HDII, but I only use it at home on my couch. I don't get up and walk around with it or use it as a portable piece. I only use my Bluetooth stuff if I'm not gonna be sitting down at home.
  2. baskingshark
    I've been using my Sonata HD daily for 3 months with no issues. But I'm treating the cable very gently cause it looks like a weakpoint.
    But then again, for 20ish USD for the Sonata HD, it is not that painful as more expensive stuff if (touchwood) it dies.
  3. Coldheart29
    Hey guys, is is re anyone around here with a oneplus3 or 3t that uses the sonata with it? If that's the case, i have a couple questions:
    Does the sonata make a noticeable difference versus the phones headphones out, both sonically and in output power?
    And, how much does it affect battery drain when in use?
  4. Navanod
    My failed after 10 months. The wires near the USB-C end is losing connection and causing the left channel to cut in and out during movement.
    It's as good as dead
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2019
  5. Lifted Andreas
    I think it definitely worth a try, I mean how can you not... Especially for $19?? It has the Realtek 4042, which I have no idea how it sounds like, but being way newer than the Realtek 892 it can't be that bad right?Especially since the latter still sounds fairly decent in this day and age.

    I had the Sonata HDII for over 7 months in constant use at home and not had any reliability issues. However, I wouldn't recommend it as a portable DAC because of how minimal the strain reliedlf support is on both ends. I understand that they skimmed on it for flexibility, but that's why I wouldn't take it outside constantly. It's perfect for home listening though.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019
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  6. SaveTheMantaRays
    Do not buy Soditer.
    I took the plunge, to be the guinea pig. It literally does at best 2%. I repeat do not buy
    I literally think the sound out of my Note 8 with Oppo pm3 sounds better straight out of the device.

    This new DAC does IMO nothing. Only reason to buy, would be bc you have no headphone jack at all. And for $30 you are wasting your money
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  7. billbishere
  8. SaveTheMantaRays
  9. billbishere
    Many of us own it, its great. I have owned it for about 2 months now....

    I can describe the Power Output - on my OnePlus 6 it makes a considerable difference. Much louder and better sound overall. Night and Day you could say.

    On my "DAP" phone, LGv30 it isn't not as loud as the built in Quad DAC setup. There isn't a huge difference, but the Quad DAC wide open is about 15% more volume I would say. However the Sonta HD is brighter and more Airy.

    To try to put the output into some sort of visualization anyway...
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019
  10. Coldheart29
    That's good to hear, guess i'll get it come 11.11, can definitely use sone more oomph when driving my Sony HPs, as my 3t struggles a bit with them.
  11. SinisterDev
    Yikes! Thanks for the heads up! I appreciate it! I'll pass on the Soditer. I'm interested in seeing if one of these small DACs like the Sonata can truly improve the audio quality on the S10+. I've been reading about Qualcomm's Aqstic codex they're using in this phone, and they boast that it rivals many high end DAC's, so i guess we'll see.
    After I messed around with Neutron Player's settings a bit, my music started sounding pretty darn good on my phone, but I'm really curious to try out the Sonata and see how sounds.
  12. jasonb
    The only phone I have right now is the Pixel 3a, but comparing the headphone jack to the Sonata HDII is night and day with harder to drive headphones like the HD650. The Sonata has tons more power, and definitely sounds better overall.

    My previous phone was the OnePlus 6T. The power difference wasn't quite as huge there when comparing the supplied analog dongle to the Sonata dongle, but it was still a very noticeable difference in both power and overall SQ.

    I had an S9+ not too long ago and the headphone jack didn't sound bad, but I definitely prefered using a Topping NX4DSD as a DAC and amp at the time with it to power my HD650. The headphone jack didn't have enough to do the job.

    The only phones I bet would even come close are the LG phones with their high quality DAC's and powerful amps.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019
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  13. SinisterDev
    Thanks for all the replies to my questions about the Soditer and Sonata. So here's another question that someone may have answered at some point in here. If I end up picking up one of the Sonata models, Do you think it would help extend the life of it if I maybe reinforced the ends with some shrink wrap? Maybe even reinforce the cord by covering it with an additional layer of nylon, paracord or something like that and shrink wrapping the ends?
  14. SinisterDev
    Aye, that's partially why I've been curious about what kind of results to expect from trying the Sonata. Because apparently Qualcomm has made some big boasts about the improvements of their audio in the S10/S10+. The new Aqstic codec supposedly even out-performs the Exynos Cirrus Logic DAC, which was previously considered better on older Galaxy models like the S9+.
    I owned the 9+ and have noticed a significant improvement with the S10+, using the same Audio player and files.
    And now Qualcomm is making some even bigger boasts. Claiming how the WCD9341 codec used in the current flagship like the S10 "measures objectively better than some of the best branded audio DACs out there...". And making further claims that their new WCD937x audio codec is even further improved with the help of Golden Ears coming on board to help them further tweak the technology to even higher audiophile standards...
    So after reading all this I really started to wonder if I'm really going to experience a significant difference with this little Sonata dongle, ya know? Especially considering there are some really pricey portable DAC's out there that people are using to drive their gear.. I mean i dont have anything high end really, like high impedance headphones or anything like that. My ZS10 Pro's are pretty much my best and highest impedance earphones I own lol.

    I just can't help the curiosity of what I'm missing out on. How much better can I make my audio sound with the gear I'm limited to atm? I mean Neutron Player alone has made a HUGE difference in my audio experience. (and PowerAmp since they released V3). When you let Neutron take the wheel, so to speak, and override the OS's DSP, after learning how to tweak all its technical settings, music sounds incredible! At least to me, subjectively. I've never had the opportunity to listen to High Res music through an expensive DAP or head/earphones, so i dont really have anything else to compare to other than what I'm familiar with..
    LOL, Idk if anyone is a Rick & Morty fan here, but part of me is honestly afraid that if I get the opportunity to experience audio through some really high end gear, that afterwards I'll end up having a reaction like Morty when Rick has him experience "True level".. Lmao.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019
  15. Mellowship
    Been there, done that.
    You can search for my pictures of the reinforcement on this thread.
    I first wrapped the cord in thin PTFE tape, then covered with a large enough shoestring, then finished with shrink. Not satisfied, I inserted another layer of nylon paracord and shrink. It became too stiff to use portably, so I ended up removing it all. Maybe just some shrink at the tension points will do the job.
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