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Hidizs Sonata HD DAC cable - new tiny and mighty DAC&AMP

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by IryxBRO, May 25, 2018.
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  1. billbishere
    No Power output listed on the cheaper one, that was my only thing.
  2. Navanod
    It's the same CA42L42 chip isn't it?
    So what's the actual upgrade from the original Sonata, now called S2? Only obvious difference is the silver coating on the OFC wires at this time.

    My S2 is starting to fail after 11 months of daily use. The twisted cable seems to be wearing out internally, causing the left channel to crackle and drop when there's motion (cable swing) so it's really not as sturdy as it looks.

    When looking at potentially buying a replacement, I was surprised to see the price go UP, from $39USD to $46USD. Maybe it's the recent crazy exchange rates thanks to Trump's trade wars, but with 2 newer cables so close to release, it is unusual to see an old model go up in price.

    With the new S3 costing $55USD for preorder and potentially $69USD for future replacements, the upgrade should be better communicated by Hidizs
  3. billbishere
    You can get the Tempotec HD version on Aliexpress for 20 bucks. That's what I did, it's the exact same as the Hidizs. I have been using it for about 3 months now without issue. I was considering ordering some paracord on amazon, you can get a kit for under 10 bucks to paracord it for protection!
    baskingshark likes this.
  4. Navanod
    Thanks for the tip. Just had a look and Tempotec version is $29.90usd for me on AliExpress :frowning2:

    Sure beats paying $46 of course, so definitely looking into that option.

    As for reinforcing the cable, I would think heat shrinks would be more practical and discreet?

    Edit: just saw the Hidizs Sonata II on AliExpress for $33usd with $3 off for new users
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019
  5. billbishere
    paracord with heat shrink on the ends is how I was planning on doing it.
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  6. baskingshark
    I'm a great fan of the Sonata HD, thanks to you guys for the great recommendation.
    Just wondering if any of you guys own a smartphone such as the LGV series (which has a good DAC inside), and how it compares to the Sonata HD? If it's just a marginal improvement, I will stick to the Sonata HD with my lousier smartphone!
  7. Jerry Lee
    hi all, i just got mine sonata HDII for 2 weeks. unfortunately, i can only got it works with my laptop. non of my smartphones are able to detect it once plucked in. what seems to be the problem here. i had testing with huawei P20Pro, Mate 20Pro, P30Pro, LG V30, Oppo Reno. i am currently uses Oppo Reno with android 9. please advise, i had tested all known setting advised by hidizs.
  8. Jerry Lee
    Dear Bro,

    what sort of setting in phone you set? i just couldn't make it work!! damn frus...
  9. billbishere
    You have to turn OTG setting on for Android
  10. Mellowship
    I made no special setup. Just Firmware A running. Android 9 / EMUI 9.1.
  11. SinisterDev
    Hello all!
    I've been chatting a bit about budget DACs lately in some of the Chifi forums here and I've seen the Sonata recommended quite a few times as a cheap option for improving SQ from a smartphone. (Lotta recommendations for the ES100 too). I wanted to ask if anyone was familiar with this particular DAC dongle
    The Sonata is nearly 45bucks atm, and it boasts 24/192 and yet this Soditer claims 32/384 for a mere $25. Too good to be true? Figured I'd ask if anyone's used it yet? I haven't owned anything like this yet, so I've been thinking about picking one up just to see what kinda difference Id experience vs using my Galaxy S10 and Neutron Player to listen to music.
  12. Jerry Lee
    Dear Bro,

    Did that, it works with my OTG thumb drive, but not the sonata HD2. sad!!
  13. jasonb
    When I got my Sonata HDII from Amazon it was $26. I don't know why the price has gone up. I'd still recommend it at $45 bucks though. I think it sounds great, and puts out a surprising amount of power. There are 2 new Hidizs dongles coming out soon though.
  14. Lifted Andreas
    I think the price went up because they're releasing a dongle for $19 which is going to be even chepaer. With a RealTek DAC chip. I still have an ancient gaming laptop with RealTek ACL892 and it sounds fairly decent to this day... Not gonna lie. So I'm kinda looking forward to it.
  15. SinisterDev
    The Soditer DAC dongle for $26 I mentioned above is using a RealTek chip. Iirc it uses that ACL892 you mentioned. That's why I was asking if anyone had any experience with that one vs the Sonata. My main concern with the Sonata (and im sure is not an issue limited to the Sonata) is its durability. I saw quite a few low reviews, claiming that it was kinda delicate and starts to short out or otherwise malfunction after a few months of usage. Maybe the newer models coming out will have improved durability too?
    Has anyone else here experienced durability problems with the Sonata or Soditer?
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