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Hidizs Sonata HD DAC cable - new tiny and mighty DAC&AMP

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by IryxBRO, May 25, 2018.
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  1. Lifted Andreas
    Why would they supply something like that for a $30 device lol?

    This tiny DAC was never supposed to support balanced output. If you want to experiment with adapters that's on you.
  2. Negakinu
    A cheap way to try it would be the Fiio 3.5 male to 2.5 balanced female adapter:

  3. YZiya
    Do any of you had chance to use both Sonata and Lg Hi-Fi Plus module. The price of both of them are quite close by in my country. (25 dollars)

    I am planning to use the device both in my computer and also with my cell. I am a newcomer in the Hi-Fi domain.

    Any suggestions would be really appreciated.
  4. Borghi
    It is my understanding that Tidal MQA files should play back on any DAC (but at a lower quality). I tried the RAZER DAC and the Essential DAC and the MQA files play fine on both of these. I plug in the Hidizs, and I get the same loud distorted sound from one channel. Here is an article that explaines that MQA files should play back on "non MQA" DAC's . https://audiophilereview.com/cd-dac-digital/mqa-master-streaming-on-tidal-rules.html
  5. Borghi
    How do I connect wired headphones to the Essential phone without a DAC cable? The Essential phone does not have a headphone jack.
  6. peter123
    I've got both and fwiw I think that the Hifi Plus module is superior it's actually really hiid and I prefer it even over something like the Shanling M1. That being said mine is connected to a LG G5 witch makes it a hell of a DAP with streaming for very little money. If I was to buy it to pair with another phone I'd get the Sonata HD for much better form factor and still sounding very good. Just my 2c....
    YZiya likes this.
  7. JammingMano
    I see, I see!

    I've not even thought about it having a pretty high output impedance compared to my IEMs that I usually use (Tin Audio T2s and Xiaomi QTEJ03JY).

    I learnt something new today. Thanks for the information! :)

    I guess I'll attempt to flip this, since I'm more of a budget audio user.
  8. YZiya
    Your 2c is very appreciated sir :) I just want to make a small leap and then extend it after I got some experience.

    I assume I can not go wrong with either of those.
    j0p3Y and peter123 like this.
  9. peter123
    I think your assumption is correct :wink:
    j0p3Y, YZiya and Lifted Andreas like this.
  10. Lifted Andreas
    I actually like the Sonata HD2 so much I'm planning to sell my FiiO Q1ii that costs 3 times more lmao
    peter123 likes this.
  11. Sylmar
    As someone a-technical, can you just plug it in the phone and have better audio just out of the box?
  12. phiemon
    Yep and if you have sensible IEM just should buy the IEMatch for a further better sound.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
  13. Sylmar
    I'll have a look into that as well. Thanks!
  14. Aenlandril
    What counts as sensitive IEMs? Is 16ohm considered sensitive? Will I get hiss with them?
  15. Dobrescu George
    Certain IEMs are more sensitive to hiss than others, regardless of their impedance. For example, IE800 is quoted at 16 OHMs, but it is not sentisitive to hiss at all, while Ie8, from the same company, is incredibly sensitive to hiss
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