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Hidizs Sonata HD DAC cable - new tiny and mighty DAC&AMP

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by IryxBRO, May 25, 2018.
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  1. gbrgbr
  2. dude30003
    chip genius did not show anything useful
    I read somewhere it was cirrus logic CS42L42, at least the characteristics are the same
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  3. phiemon
    Any comparison between this cable and for example DragonFly Red, Oppo 2HA-SE or iPhone/iPad?
  4. gemNeye
    There are a couple of Amazon reviewers that compared the Dragonfly to the Hidizs Sonata HD. I'll just quote it directly below:

    But I don't think I enjoy the sound quite as much as the Dragonfly DAC. But I didn't honestly expect this device to be quite as good as the Dragonfly as it is a fraction of the cost. In the end I bought this for the convenience of using it. It definitely ticks off those boxes well while providing better audio quality than my phone.

    Wide soundstage, crisp clear audio, flat uncolored sound. Best of all, fantastic volume output on my Pixel XL 2. Not as loud as the leader, of the pack, Audioquest Dragonfly but close and way less weight, and you'll receive your notifications.

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  5. pakorosen
    I bought the Sonata hydizs for 27 $ and I can not be happier. My normal use is with an iphone 8 plus, I can always carry it in my pocket. It matches perfectly with the iphone through lightning OTG photos.
    the increase in both sound quality, volume, and drivability is pretty noticeable.
    small and lightweight
    reasonable price
    great sound quality
    vocal and instrument performance

    to change the software to sonata hd pure I had to go to my mother's house to a windows, I have Mac, but I found it very difficult.
  6. IryxBRO
    This also goes to pros... At least you have paid a visit to your mother - this is the most important...
  7. Lifted Andreas
    Its currently on £5 discount on Amazon, so I decided to try it and compare it to my FiiO K1 and FiiO Q1ii... both of which cost more than the little Sonata HD2.

    I received it next day (today), due to having the good old Amazon Prime. Man this tiny little thing is absolutely bonkers!!

    I tested it with my Android phone first (Essential Phone) and it worked immediately! Even the mic on my IEMs worked. I'm guessing the pre-installed firmware was A (focused on calls). After a while I decided to test it with my laptop, plugged it in and confirmed that the only options I had for the sound were 44khz and 48khz. So I went to Hidisz site to research how to flash the "Pure Music" firmware, and to my surprise it actually turned out to be quite easy. Now I have the max available 24bit/192khz running through Foobar2000!

    Can't comment on the sound yet or make comparisons to the AK DACs in the FiiO units I have, I feel like I need more time to listen and to understand the sound of the Sonata HD2. Would love to know what DAC chip they used in the HD2!

    However, I can say already it actually sounds like it has more volume than my K1 and Q1ii. Also the sound is more energetic with micro details showing up more, Trance music is already sounding more awesome! Some pics below:

    IMG_20181229_102843.jpg IMG_20181229_104042.jpg IMG_20181229_105049.jpg IMG_20181229_112929.jpg image.png
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2018
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  8. Leo-rume
    I believe the DAC chip used is a CS42L42 by cirrus logic. That's what is stated on the official tempotec page. The tempotec cable is a rebrand and is exactly the same with the first version of this one and same internals with this 2nd version. Looking forward to your final impressions
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  9. Nolbert0
    They're the same,eh? They're a few quid cheaper. Thanks for letting us know.
  10. Galeonero
    I found a compatibility error with Google Play Music, I do not know if any more happens to him. I listen to music and at approximately 10 or 20 seconds it stops. Do not touch anything.
    With MusicHiby nothing happens to me of this, it works normally.
  11. Lifted Andreas
    Ah thanks for that, I asked Hidisz directly so lets see what they say.

    I am really loving this tiny USB device so far.

    The sound it produces is nothing short of amazing for the money - Trance FLAC files through Foobar with output of 24bit/192khz just sound so pure, flat in frequency and beautifully defined... this isn't the case with either the FiiO K1 or the more expensive FiiO Q1ii (almost quadruple the price of the Sonata HDii)! There's not that much actual depth or musicality, but sounds are genuinely more defined and sound crisper. :D

    I guess the only downside/con for this device at least when comparing with the FiiO Q1ii (that costs almost 4 times as much) is that there's no volume control, but luckily I have an on ear volume control in my Sennheiser PC37x and I use them most of all so its all good.

    This is now my favourite cheap DAC!
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2019
  12. Negakinu
    No one else noticing obvious hiss/white noise while using the Sonata? I recently bought it and can't un-hear it. Whenever I start a Spotify track, the hiss hits me in the face like a noisy sledgehammer.
  13. afico
    Did someone make a comparison with Earstudio Es100 ?
  14. IryxBRO
    This might be subjective perception + IEMs choice. I don't really suffer from hiss, especially with darker IEMs.
  15. Lifted Andreas
    I don't have that at all on my unit bought from Amazon. The output is clearer than anything I've had before. Then again, I don't use Spotify at all.

    Yours is likely a faulty unit, I would contact Hidisz about this or the seller who you bought it from. This isn't normal behaviour of this DAC at all.
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