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Hidizs Sonata HD DAC cable - new tiny and mighty DAC&AMP

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by IryxBRO, May 25, 2018.
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  1. Sachada
    I sometimes use the Sonata HD II on my Samsung S7 through the USB Audio Player pro application and it works reasonably well.
    I found the Hidizs customer service very poor. Very slow sending and without information or reply to the emails.
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  2. Galeonero
    I read many complaints about the follow-up of the shipments after their official website. Why did not they buy it on Amazon?
  3. Sotiris
    Anyone interested , i am thinking of sell it..i have it only 1 month..i live in Europe so in 3-4 you will have it.
  4. Lifted Andreas
    I was thinking of trying it.

    Why did you decide to sell yours?
  5. Sotiris
    I have already the VE Odyssey and i want to buy Dragonfly red so i search to get money
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  6. Lifted Andreas
    Ah gotcha, well PM me and maybe we can work something out.
  7. Galeonero
    It is true, the sound has quite high frequencies inflated, but I do not know if to the point of fatigue, that depends a lot on your preference and your ears.
    I would say that if you listen to something that is high frequencies, in that situation I could get tired but when I listen to music I do not pay attention to a sound if not to the whole work of art that was made.

    But I do not think it justifies the price for which I pay it if you look for it for the computer, for a smartphone I do not know, it seems much better than the Google dongle, it has much more power.
  8. afico
    Just to understand guys..
    With D firmware.. Everything will be resampled to 192!? Including Tidal output
  9. Negakinu
    I ordered one of these from Aliexpress, just to see what's what. :) If it sounds decent I can stop my quest for a new DAP.
  10. Mellowship
    First, it won't always be re-sampled. If the native file is sampled at 192, it will play at that sample rate, providing the software allows it.
    It all depends on the software you are using. I don't know if Tidal has a USB-DAC locking function with which it allows for the DAC to control the whole process of conversion (the bit-perfect mode). But for apps that do so, such as Hiby, in order to be sure the Sonata is using its abilities to convert to the sample rate it can reach, this mode must be activated and then some options must be chosen, such as allowing for the volume to be controlled by the app and not the smartphone OS, and choosing the sample rate as automatic or a given value. If the chosen given value is higher than the file's sample rate, the Sonata, I believe, will re-sample. If the file has a higher than 192 sample rate, or has a different format than those supported, such as DSD, the app must be able to convert and/or down-sample the file. If the file has a lower sample rate than the chosen one, it will be up-sampled. I, sincerely, don't like to up-sample because I don't believe (nor I can listen to differences) that up-sampling will have benefits. It will only include another step in the process... I don't see a point of up-sampling a red book file 44.1 to higher rates because there is no more information that can be extracted or revealed...
    There are other apps that control the way a music app is pushing information through a DAC, but I don't have experience on those. Maybe other members do.
  11. afico
    with IOS max 16/44
  12. Nolbert0
    Out of curiosity, does any of u own a ps4? If so, could u try and see if the Sonata works with it?

    Thanks in advance
  13. Negakinu
    Have been trying to use my new Tempotec Sonata for the past few days but, regardless of which Android phone I stick it into, it's quite noisy/hissy with my IEMs (AS10, ZS5, RE0, GR07). My Shanling M0, Xduoo X3, Clip Zip & regular HO of my smartphone don't sound hissy with these.

    The hiss starts immediately when I press play on a Spotify song or Youtube video. When there's no sound, there's no hiss.

    Phones I've tried using it with:

    Xiaomi Mi Note 3 (Android Nougat, custom LineageOS rom)
    Pocophone F1 (Android Oreo, Miui 8)
    LG G5 (Android Nougat, stock)

    Anyone else have this issue? Could a firmware update fix this?
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2018
  14. Galeonero
    And how would you use it? The only way I can think of is with your adapter. But it would not be logical because you would have to be stuck with the ps4.
  15. Nolbert0
    i either play at my desk or on the wheel/seat so the console is always fairly close. I've got a PS4 slim so no optical out. Seeking a better/more elgant option than DS4 audio out or HP out from TV
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