Hidizs AP60 Pro (Brand New Never Used)

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  1. actorlife
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    I bought two Hidizs AP60 Pro's and selling my backup to fund something else. It's a great player and if I were to compare soundwise perhaps Cowon earlier DAP's. Bought from Massdrop. Paypal gift accepted. Item in the Florida/US. US $5 ship. Willing to sell outside the US just pay shipping. Opened the box to check to see if everything is working. 100% working. For serious buyers I can email pics. Any questions feel free to ask. I've sold on here before, but not recently. For specs please go to the website: https://www.hidizs.net/products/ap60-pro

    Thanks for the help.
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  2. actorlife
    A bit of a bump.
  3. lowendtheory77
    would you be willing to trade for a colorfly c3 or Seiun?
  4. actorlife
    HI LTH77, Send me a PM with Seiun model info and condition. Thanks.
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