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Hidizs AP100 (DAP) Support Team - Now on Head-fi!

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by hidizs, Nov 3, 2014.
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  1. Hidizs
    UPDATE: 12 DEC 2014
    CHRISTMAS SALE: $299 >>>$219!ONLY

    Hello Everybody,
    We are the Support Team of Hidizs. We are pleased to announce that Hidizs is now on Head-Fi.org!
    May I introduce our product AP100, a digital audio player for playing lossless music including WAV. FLAC. WMA (lossless support 24Bit/96KHz). MP3. OGG. AAC. APE (NORMAL, HIGH level 24Bit/96KHz, FAST 24Bit/192KHz). ALAC (highest 24Bit/192KHz)

    If you have comments, inquiries and opinions about Hidizs, welcome to let us know here.
    Or you may email us at support@hidizs.com
    More news about us will be updated at here in the future. 
    Best Regards,
    Hidizs Support Team
    Website: www.hidizs.com
    Facebook: fb.me/hidizs
    Amazon Online Shop: http://www.amazon.com/shops/hidizs
    Ebay Online Shop: http://www.ebay.com.hk/usr/hidizshk

  2. dominicsunny82
    As I say,you should do this months ago.At last,you guys show up here,it's a good news for all of AP100 consumers.Wish the HIDIZS will be better and better.
  3. Hidizs
    Yeah, we know it's a bit late but we are finally here!
    Thank you for your blessing. Hope Hidizs can communicate more with all audiophiles through this great channel. [​IMG]
  4. lukeap69
    Any chance to add more playlist option rather than just adding to favourites?
  5. stuartmc
    Welcome aboard Hidizs! I am a very happy AP100 owner and I hope that your presence here raises awareness of just how excellent your first product is.
  6. dominicsunny82
    Batterys seemed gone faster since I had upgraded my AP100 to 068 version on Saturday . Is that normal?
  7. lukeap69
    I noticed that too.
  8. Hidizs
    Sorry that there's a bug on battery performance in FW 068. We will fix it in FW 069.
    Or you may try to flash it one more time or downgrade to 067.
  9. Hidizs
    Currently you can use folders as your playlists.
    We will consider the possibility to add the playlist function, and now we are discussing with our product development team.
    Thanks for your opinion!
  10. mattloh99
    I like the 068 tune. Regarding battery life I feel it too. Hope hidizs can deliver us all with your best. Eager to see hidizs move on to the international level.
  11. dezane222
    where can i download 068 firmware?
    i got an annoying problem. when i want to rewind to beginning of the song(press rewind/move backward button), it not going to entirely start of the song, instead it begin at a few seconds of the song.
    but the time says it is 00:00. is it a bug?
  12. dominicsunny82
    Here's the URL where you can get it. Better sound quality, more power consumption.http://pan.baidu.com/s/1crE6i
  13. Hidizs
    Check your email:wink:
    What kind of music files do you play? Is it FLAC+CUE?
  14. dezane222
    just play mp3 files.
    i bought used ap100. so i dont know what has happened to my ap100 that i bought.
    thank you for the firmware :)
  15. Hidizs
    We will try to play your mp3 files in other ap100, and investigate the problem. Let us get back to you.
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