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Hidition NT-6 PRO Appreciation/Impressions Thread

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  1. zachchen1996
    Just sent in my impressions to Hidition for these, hope to get them soon. People who own these, impressions!  [​IMG]
    Average_Joe's Review:
    Barra's Impressions:
    From TheHeadphoneList.com:
    Spiral EarSE 5-way Reference$1,6509596
    HiditionNT-6 pro$1,25010093
    Ultimate EarsPersonal Reference Monitor$1,9999860
    Unique MelodyPP6$2,2809394
    Heir Audio8.A$1,2008092
    JH AudioJH16 Pro$1,1499791
    Dream Earzaud-8X$8658385
    Lime EarsLE-3b$7008075
    Ultimate EarsIn-Ear Reference Monitor$9997050
    Ambient AcousticsAM4 pro$4997570
    Dream Earzaud-5X$5658588
    Wan Xuan (Beat Audio)wx i9pro$6196098
    Thousand SoundTS842$5409095
    EarPowerEP-10 Plus$1,00080100

    Average_Joe gives the NT-6 PRO a 100 in bass quality, wow!
  2. Mimouille
  3. zachchen1996
    Mimouille, you know you will give in one day or another [​IMG]
  4. Mimouille
    Well this 100 in bass might be the lasr drop :wink:
  5. rudi0504
    How is about the clarity and transparency compare to 1+2 ?

    My taste is more or less like 1+2

    Thank you
  6. Mimouille
    I think Average Joe said it is one of the best for clarity
  7. zachchen1996
    From Average_joe 
    "It should also be noted that the NT-6 pro has the best clarity of any headphone I have heard to date"
  8. zachchen1996
  9. spkrs01
    Congrats Zach!!!
    More thoughts please[​IMG]
  10. zachchen1996
    Burning in time, haven't really listened yet hahaha [​IMG]
  11. lookingforIEMs
    Subbed. Not getting them anytime soon though ;( as I don't think they have a demo in my country. Planning on getting the Merlins next year and perhaps trading for one of these a few years down the road. Still very interested in these though
  12. Pondu
    Wow congratulations Zach, I am looking forward to read your impressions
  13. Mimouille
    Does anyone know where there are demos of the Hidition ciems outside of Korea?
  14. lookingforIEMs
  15. lookingforIEMs
    I asked this question on the NT6 thread too, nobody replied ;(
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