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HibyMusic Android and iOS Music Player - Bit-perfect USB Output; Network and Dropbox Streaming

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by lukeap69, Feb 28, 2015.
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  1. artpiggo
    @Joe Bloggs Can you make auto rotate option please?
  2. ropie

    Thanks very much for the new version of Hiby

    I installed it on my Ibasso DX200
    Firts impressions
    1. it looks really nice. In my opinion visually a big improvement
    2. Plays my music without
    3. Sometimes lag when swiping through the screens
    4. Searching for music through "artist" view, when selecting an artist with more than one album, it shows a list of all the different songs on all the albums. I would prefer (and seems more logical) that it would show a list of the different albums of this artist, and not all the songs. Makes sense?
    This is only first impression. I will gladly play a bit more
  3. gordolindsay
    I gave this app a second chance because I like the layout/design/options of it, but OMG, my music skips like every 5 seconds and drives me insane! I closed every app I had open and it still does the same thing.
    Any suggestions on how to make it play without skipping?

    It does not behave this way if I use the android foobar2000 app.
  4. halo9
    Hi Joe, does this mean we will be seeing some Hiby love on iOS soon with some fixes too? :L3000:
  5. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Well yes actually, a beta iOS version has been launched for testing. It has all the updates of Android HiByMusic except HiByLink is not yet supported :xf_eek:

    You click on download now.PNG to download it...

    I think you don't need to give this version authorization to run manually, but if you do, the authorization may be given at Settings->General->Device Management.

    Also, many of the bugs mentioned here for Android have been tackled behind the scenes... but it will be another few days before an update to the beta will hit Play Store.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2017
    reeza likes this.
  6. U-3C
    Is it ever possible to have a widget for the player, where one can scroll through the track list without actually entering the app?

    Not a deal breaker by any means but it's always been a nice feature that gives a premium feel.


    Perhaps I'm nitpicking a bit. When scrolling through the track list via the letters, the tolerance seems a bit too small. In my case, I really need to put my finger on the edge to scroll through, but unfortunately, my case makes it a bit difficult. Is it possible to slightly expand it, or give the option to expand it for people who might have a hard time pressing the side? That few millimeters really makes a big difference!



    Also nice if the toggle shuffle button was independent of the toggle repeat button. :)
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2017
  7. Cachicamo
    Hi guys,
    So far I like the update. It looks very nice and on my Fiio X7 it works fine. Can someone help me with the use of Baidu? I've got 2 Tb space and uploaded some musicfiles in the musicfolder of the Baidu networkdrive. When I click on the Baidu icon in Hiby and log in to my Baidu account the music files do not appear. Am I doing something wrong?
    Thanks a lot for your help.
  8. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Yes... When you log onto Baidu using HiBy a new empty folder is created called something like "application data"/HiByMusic, only files in there can be read by HiBy (think of it like the file compartmentation scheme of iOS). You have to drag your music files from (wherever) to that specific folder first.

    And a friendly note, Baidu limits the speed of HiByMusic's connections to about 320kbps, just enough for lossy music streaming (maybe). :frowning2:
  9. Cachicamo
    Hi Joe,
    Thanks for your quick and clear reply. Bummer about the bitrate, I'd better download the files then.
  10. Signal2Noise
    I was looking for a good music app for my new DX200. The default Mango app is buggy to the point of annoyance at the moment. Never heard of Hiby until researching apps and downloaded from GPS. I listened to Hiby and like it. It's a really solid app and if there is ever a "Pro" version I'd gladly pay for it. Then I saw this thread and saw the invite to try the new beta. I just signed up. Thanks, Joe!
  11. Mr Trev
    Can anybody vouch for this on an older iphone (iphone 4 - ios7) that's been jailbreaked? I've tried the version from the itunes store and the beta @Joe Bloggs posted earlier. Can't search for music - official version won't find any, beta will crash. If I try to stream from my NAS (WD mycloud, DLNA) the itunes version (v.2.1 I think) won't list anything, just searches for a bit then nothing - even folder view won't find anything. I can't even find a way to access DLNA on the beta
  12. zato23
    @Joe Bloggs
    The Hiby Link feature will be available in the future for Fiio X5 3d gen ?
  13. MadAudio
    Hi all.

    Will this app read 5.1 channel surround 96/24 flac? And 5.1 surround DSD files?

    And will it only output to DACs or is it able to output via HDMI?

    I have an Nvidia Shield TV box, hooked up to my av receiver, hence the question. (The Shield, of course, is not running the usual android os, but android TV os - nougat version)
  14. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Right now, Android devices are functioning as the controller while non-Android devices are functioning as the controlled devices. So, for now you might have the dubiously useful function of using the X5III to control another music player sweat.gif

    It does read multichannel FLACs but not multichannel DSDs. But, it outputs a stereo downmixed output. We're hoping to do more with the output than a simple downmix in the future (say make it sound more realistic for headphones), but some form of downmix it will be for the foreseeable future. sweat.gif
  15. marflao
    Hi Joe,

    do you know by when HiByLink will be available on iOS devices?

    Thanks in advance.
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