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HibyMusic Android and iOS Music Player - Bit-perfect USB Output; Network and Dropbox Streaming

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by lukeap69, Feb 28, 2015.
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  1. Hi-Fi'er
    I love this player as I figured out the tags issues. Now only gripe is that in the UI. When in Album mode the icons are way too large to quickly browse, never seen that before in other player UI's. When try to get around this to use Artist browsing there is no artwork? When try another way by using folder browsing there is not artwork either? Also the UI does not appear to support landscaping mode when browsing or playing music.

    *Update, the Artist UI art is smaller now and easier to see and navigate.

    >Would be nice if the play screen had a volume slider.
    >Would be nice if folder view and artist view had artwork.
    >Playing landscape would be nice also.
    >A volume slider or control on the playing screen would be welcome.
    >More EQ frequencies.

    Besides all that, it's a great player!
  2. Cachicamo
    Subribed. I'm using Hibyplayer for a few months now on my Fiio X7 and I prefer it over the Fiio music app. What a great sounding musicplayer. How can they do this for free? In addition to someone's wish before, I also would be very pleased with Onedrive support.
    Good to see you here Joe, by the way.
  3. emiliatan
    Hello there, I have a few question regard this app.
    1) Will LAN function with wireless card reader like this on iOS?
    2) I have the JDS Labs ODAC revB connect to an android phone which work with UAPP but I can't make it to work with Hiby. Is it any step I need to do to make this work?
  4. Xiaoyi Gong
    In the IOS version, the song ordering issue in DLNA is still not fixed. I can't seemed to access the shared NAS through LAN either. It would ask for username and password, and then say login failed. Any thoughts?
  5. s4tch

    the same goes for the android version. i've already given up on hiby because of that.

  6. Xiaoyi Gong
    I can actually access the shared NAS through samba now. The issue was due to my samba server not Hiby. However, when I play songs in the NAS Hiby would randomly stop playing (after a song or two), and after that I need to reboot Hiby to play the song again. Strange.

    The song sorting issue through DLNA remains. I know this is the issue with Hiby, not my DLNA sever as VLC shows the song orders correctly. I guess for now I will just stick with VLC..
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  7. KepinCemit
    Probably a very stupid question, but how do I find user manual for Hiby ?
    Have just downloaded it on my Fiio X5 iii
    Right now I'm trying to make Hiby shuffle play a folder, and I have no ide how to do that [​IMG]
    Folder structure is like this :
    Artist A Collection\Album 1
                              \Album 2
                              \Album 3
    How do I make Hiby shuffle play all the songs in the "Artist A Collection" subfolders ?
    TIA & sorry for the dumb question [​IMG]
  8. rodel808
    Have this been fixed yet? I too am experiencing this on my mojo.

  9. Joe Bloggs Contributor

    It can't do this directly with folders, but if you scan your music library with Hiby and your music is properly tagged, you can then go to the Artist tab and shuffle play all the songs by a particular artist easily enough. Just tap on any song, then in the play screen that appears tap the orange Play Mode button to the upper right to switch to Shuffle Mode (icon that looks a little like a sideways 8).

    We're working on a major update to the app and I'm working on a novel method of providing user tooltips in the app :)
  10. Joe Bloggs Contributor

    In the Now Playing screen, can you tap on the 3rd line from the top (that e.g. says 44kHz | 16 bits | ? kbps ) and tell me what the Output information says when this happens?
  11. KepinCemit
    Cheers [​IMG]
  12. rodel808

  13. Ab10
    Hello Experts,
    I'm newbie to Hiby Music
    I just ask one simple question - How the Track Time which is inside the Round Track Progress Bar work in the Hiby Music  - It looks very confusing.
    Other day I played 68:00 Min length track - at the beginning, it shows something like 48:00/68:00 - Sometimes after as track progress it shows 20:15/68:00, Only when the Track reached towards End then it shows actual reading like 66:15/68:00.
    Most player shows from like 00:59/68:00 ->and progressed towards half 30:00/68:00 -- Like this.  
    Please let me know what Hiby Music actually shows - I googled but found nothing.
    The File I Played 311MB in Size and format is .Flac and actual length 1Hour 8 Min .
  14. Lurker0
    What a mess with volume controls when I use a USB DAC! To listen to a DSD stream, I have to:
    • Go to Advanced options.
    • Choose Hardware volume control.
    • Put volume to the maximum.
    and do it each and every time I start Hiby Misuc, because it does not remember those settings!
    In UAPP, I choose "Bit perfect (USB audio)" playback once, and it stops reacting on the volume control, and does not try to recalculate the music data stream, as Huby does.
    Please, implement it a proper way, to set it once and forget! An option "bit perfect for USB audio" is the perfect way!
  15. SKK2
    Hello everyone,
    I'd like to know whether Hiby Music Player can output music signal to external DLNA(UPnP) renderers
    or not. I know Neutron Music Player can do that. But with Hiby, I can't find a way to send my music
    to Oppo BDP-103D via DLNA connection.
    Please help me out.
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