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HiBY W5 - 192KHz Bluetooth audio breakthrough

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by IryxBRO, Mar 3, 2019.
  1. IryxBRO
    HiBy W5 — the world’s first Bluetooth DAC/AMP receiver with UAT (Ultra Audio Transmission) codec that might set the new wireless audio standards for the entire industry. 192KHz Ultra Audio Transmission technology was developed by HiBy as new generation of Bluetooth audio codec superior to all previous standards. HiBy has managed to take the advantage of Bluetooth 5.0 and overcome previous bandwidth limitations that didn’t allow sufficient data transfer speeds, consequently lowering sampling frequency. With the introduction of UAT, 192KHz files with the maximum transfer rate of 1.2Mbps would be streamed directly from the source to headphones with no further downsampling.


    HiBy W5 technical specifications and discription:
    • Type: Bluetooth audio receiver with integrated DAC&AMP
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 (CSR8675)
    • Bluetooth audio codecs: SBC, AAC, apt-X, apt-X_LL, apt-X HD, LDAC, UAT
    • Max. bit rate: 1.2Mbps
    • Max. bit depth: 24bit
    • Max. sampling frequency: 192kHz
    • DAC&AMP chip: ESS Sabre ES9218P
    • SNR: 118dB
    • THD+N: -103dB
    • Output power: 80mW+80mW@32Ω
    • Audio output: 3.5mm
    • Control elements: 1 sensor button + LED indicator
    • Battery life: ≥20 hours (W5 battery + cradle battery), ≥100 hours at standby
    • Compatibility: Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS
    • Other features: intergrated mic for voice calls, IP67 waterproof, remote control by HiBY Music app
    • Weight: 19.5g (W5), 57.1g (cradle)

    Short comparison of main specs of the two latest audio codecs developed by Qualcomm (apt-X HD) and Sony (LDAC):


    As far as we understand, HiBy might be pushing their innovation to different vendors right after confirming that it is perfectly stable. Anyway, W5 is compatible with all currently available BT audio codecs and could be paired to any other audio source supporting Bluetooth. Therefore, you can use it with any DAPs or smartphones and enjoy all advantages of the latest wireless audio transmission technologies.


    HiBy has launched W5 on KickStarter on 5th of March and would start delivering production units on May. Next post of this thread would contain our review of fully functional peproduction sample.


    HiBy W5 on KickStarter: LINK
    Official HiBy W5 page: LINK


    1. IryxBRO review: LINK
    2. HiBy W5 on HeadFi: LINK
    3. Review by Audio123: LINK
    4. Review by Headfonics: LINK

    Last edited: Mar 5, 2019
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  2. IryxBRO

    My review is here

    Review by Audio123: LINK
    Review by Headfonics: LINK
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2019
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  3. jant71
    Hmmm, no volume control is a deal breaker for me :frowning2: and other controls being worse than necessary doesn't help either... press and then press and hold to power down? I can see on TW earphones at their size but a BT amp should have the three control buttons at least like most others do.
  4. manukmanohar
    Oh, no! Lack of volume control is a bummer.

    Btw , @IryxBRO , would you know what is the output impedance of the 3.5 mm out. (becomes important for OI sensitive iems like Massdrop Plus, Andromeda).
  5. IryxBRO
    No data. Should check or ask. I would update if I'd have this info
  6. rendyG
    I would really want to support Hiby on this project, but Earstudio ES100 just seems like a better option still, except w5 may sound just a touch better.
    It doesn't have balanced out, volume buttons, the software and mainly it can't match the ES's battery life..
    Now I'm regretting I didn't jump on ES100 back then :/ I didn't believe in bluetooth, until I tried ES100 for a minute recently.

    Am I missing something?
  7. audio123
    My take on the HiBy W5. Enjoy & Happy Listening, as always! :)


    I got you. Quite silent with my Andromeda!

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  8. subtec
    This is a little misleading. Audio transmission is done over Bluetooth Classic, and BT Classic hasn't changed with BT 5.0. Only if it was using Bluetooth Low Energy (which it isn't) would BT 5.0 make a difference.
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  9. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    The output impedance is under one ohm. For more information, the w5's DAC and amp are the ESS ES9218P combo DAC/amp chip.

    Actually it has volume and transport buttons, if a single button overloaded with button combos counts :sweat_smile:
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  10. Pro-Jules
    Will I be able to listen to a HiBy R6 Pro in the highest quality setting UAT and also receive phone calls via my iPhone?

    I other words will it be 'multi device'?
  11. IryxBRO
    Can't tell anything about the IPhone but Android allows to receive calls no matter which codec is currently used
  12. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    It connnects to one device at a time... :sweat_smile:
  13. IryxBRO
    Yep, but what is the point of sending data from R6Pro if sending it from a phone would be give the same sound quality.... don't know about IPhone in this case :)
  14. Pro-Jules
    Some Bluetooth devices can multi-pair.

    Would be handy to be alerted and be able to take calls on my headphones.
  15. ClieOS Contributor
    I am interested as well. Unfortunately I can't place an pre-order on Hiby store for now as apparently I need to order it from a local distributor. Guess it will take a little longer to get one.

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