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Hiby R6 Pro - serious upgrade to popular DAP

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Dec 14, 2018.
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  1. max1236
    Hi I'm about to pull the trigger on this, how reliable is it for streaming? I plan to use Google Play music. Are there any bugs in the software like crashes or battery drain?
  2. Infoseeker
    I randomly found my old Monoprice 8320 iem in the back of a drawer. The 8 dollar iem.

    Oh my God does this iem have great synergy with the Hiby R6 Pro 3.5m output. I started ignoring these iems. High gain with Reference tonality setting.

    Very strong subbass with forward mids. But hollowness that makes the iems bad overall.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
  3. Infoseeker
    Depending on the update. Also, the is can randomly battery drain like a Samsung phone to me.

    Turning off WiFi in standby helps against randomly battery drainage.
  4. Nayparm
    Six questions and six answers about aluminum alloy R6Pro

    Since the release of the aluminum alloy R6Pro pre-sales message yesterday

    Background messages constantly

    It seems that everyone has high expectations for the aluminum alloy version.


    According to the questions raised by everyone

    We sorted out the highest frequency of questions.

    Most representative

    Six questions and six answers about aluminum alloy R6Pro

    Question 1:

    What is the difference between the aluminum alloy R6Pro and the stainless steel version?

    Haibei A: The difference between the aluminum alloy version R6Pro and the stainless steel version is the change of the outer casing material. The aluminum alloy version R6Pro weighs 215g (stainless steel plate 295g), which is more friendly for the portable party. The two versions of R6Pro are identical in outer packaging, accessories, internal construction, component selection, tuning direction, and audio parameters. The R6Pro's large thrust is perfectly preserved.


    Question 2:

    Does the aluminum alloy version R6Pro have problems such as interference and noise floor?

    Haibei A: In the early days of designing R6Pro, in order to pursue sound quality and large thrust, we chose to make the internal resistance very low, so we have the horror output power of 4.4 balanced port 750mW+750mW (@32Ω), but the corresponding A problem arises in that the 4.4 balance port is prone to noise floor when using a low-impedance, high-sensitivity earphone. The official recommendation is that the 4.4 balanced port of the R6 Pro is best used with headphones with a slightly higher impedance. If you really need to use a low-impedance earphone, it is recommended to add a 4.4-port impedance line. We will give a 4.4mm impedance line to participate in this pre-sale, so that everyone can use low-impedance headphones.
    Properly match the headphones, don't put the signal interference source such as mobile phone close to the R6Pro listening. In normal use environment, we think that the interference will have little impact on the listening.


    Question 3:

    Why is the aluminum plate pricing so much lower than the stainless steel version?

    Haibei A: The cost of aluminum alloy casing is indeed lower than that of stainless steel casing, but the reason why aluminum alloy can have this price is mainly because we hope that more fans can enjoy the R6Pro flagship sound quality performance without changing all internal elements. In the case of the material used for the device, the original stainless steel casing material was replaced with aluminum alloy, and the retail price of the aluminum alloy R6Pro was finally set at 3,698 yuan, plus Shanghai Beibei as always with the pre-sale period premium, only 3298 yuan to get the price.

    Seashell will never cut corners on the aluminum alloy version of R6Pro to save costs, please don't worry!


    Question 4:

    Does it support trade-in?

    Haibei A: This is a long-standing issue for the majority of fans. We have been working hard to achieve this policy, but unfortunately said that it is not supported for the time being.
    We have not forgotten the vast number of old users, it is your support of Haibei has step by step to today. But it is not a simple matter to trade-in. In fact, we have been working hard to coordinate factories, suppliers, distributors, etc., to provide preferential policies for old users. If there is any progress, we will be in the first place. The media announced.


    Question 5:

    When will the pre-sale start shipping?

    Haibei A: The online pre-sale will open on the 11th, and the pre-sale deposit will be paid at the end of the 17th, and the payment will be paid at 10:00 on the 17th. We will start the delivery on the 17th, according to the order of payment, and the delivery time will be based on the delivery date. There is a difference in your own location.
    Participate in the pre-sale offline dealership store, the pre-sale time is the same as the online pre-sale time, and you can pick up the goods at the store on the 17th.

    The following is a list of all online dealers participating in this pre-sale:

    Tmall shop: Sound town flagship store , auditory digital franchise store

    Taobao shop: Hongxiang audio and video , Jiajia headphones life museum , original sound museum

    Jingdong shop: Long Ruixiang Guan Fang flagship store , Lein audio flagship store , Fishman digital shops , sensitive dynamic digital shops , Hiby self Jingdong flagship store

    (The above rankings are in no particular order)

    Offline store address collection:



    Question 6:

    Is there any discount activity for the Double Eleven?

    Haibei A: Yes! Double eleven full line of products have discounts, good value for you!
    However, the pre-sale period of Haibei's products must be more favorable than the promotion activities. Our pre-sale discounts can basically be said to be “I don’t have this shop when I miss this village”. Don’t hesitate to get on the bus.


    Aluminum version of HiBy R6Pro
    11th zero black, gray two-color synchronous online pre-sale
    official pricing 3698 yuan

    Pre-sale deposit 100 to 500

    The price is only 3298 yuan.

    Book 4.4mm revolution 2.5mm female impedance line

    The top ten in the store pays 4.4mm HiBy Seeds headphones

    All pre-sale designated cooperative shops have the top ten payment for the last payment.

    Praise the map and send the official special leather case
  5. MTroy
    Anyone know why hiby music App still put the bluetooth ON when opening the player ?
    It's a bit anoying to preserve the lifespan battery, the case where you forgot that detail...

    How to disallow the auto start of bluetooth ?
    mihaig likes this.
  6. koaly
    Hi guys, I recently got the impedance 4.4 to 4.4 adapter from Hiby and tried listening R6Pro with my Dunu DK3001. I have to admit here that this combination as well as with all of my other higher impedance IEMs reproduces hearable background noise and clicks, when the amp gets off after pressing pause.
    This is a problem for me. Due to the fact that Hiby told me that my device fully meet the standards, I have to sell it.
    Did anybody have a chance to compare the Cayin n6ii with Hiby R6Pro for this parameter?
    Does Cayin have any background noise or clicks, when the amp gets off?

    I recently got R5 and though it lacks the energy and drive of R6Pro, it has absolutelly black background and sound neutrally.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2019
  7. Doug2507
    When playing amazon music offline, if I use the physical skip button on the side then it automatically starts playing my own music library instead. Anyone else noticed this?
  8. brainchill
    This looks really interesting. I'm currently on the lookout for something like this, or the M11pro
  9. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Try turning off Hibylink client and hibylink server
  10. Infoseeker
    If you want this for also your full size headphones. Or low sensitivity iems (like planars). Then get this as it doubles as a desktop replacement.

    For strictly portable use then the m11pro.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
  11. max1236
    is there a way to get the r6 to go straight to dac mode when connected to a pc? also the ability to keep the android navigation menu up all the time would be nice. @Joe Bloggs
  12. Philip Ha
    Do they have a plan to upgrade MQA support?

    I heard R5 and R3 have updated MQA support.
  13. jsmiller58
    Possible? But R6 Pro may be left out in the cold soon...

    The R3 is the budget easy to carry option, R5 is a smaller but just as capable version of the R6 Pro, and the R8 is about to be launched as the flagship... where does that leave the R6 Pro? Why should HiBy pay Bob Stuart for MQA support on R6 Pro if, and this is complete speculation on my part, the R6 Pro will ultimately be discontinued?
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2019
  14. ariscotle
    The better question is, why would anyone pay Bob Stuart for support to have their device be snake oil authenticated? :)

    Furthermore, the interference issues with the R6 Pro now have me ready to sell mine and look elsewhere. When I first got it, I never had any issues, now for some reason, if my phone is anywhere even near it, and sometimes when it is not that near, I get that annoying interference noise. It's a defect that can't be fixed (and please do NOT tell me to get some adapter or iem match or any of the other BS "fixes" to this issue).
    Another reason I think the R6 Pro will get left in the lurch.

    Thing is, I really LOVE this player. Maybe the R8 fixes all this stuff? Who knows? Curious about the M11 Pro, or even the M13 or 15 or whatever is next. What I love about the Hiby is the power.
    I am heavily considering getting a less expensive player and a secondary portable amp. Have not decided yet.

    One thing is certain, I believe MQA is absolute hogwash nonsense and I hope Hiby doesn't pay for support on general principle. My 2 cents.
    Infoseeker likes this.
  15. TheNameIsGerald
    in contrast, MQA support (on the level of "full decoder") is a prerequisite for me buying any DAP or DAC, simply because i want to listen to Tidal streams at the best possible quality. Until that MQA support is implemented, the R6 Pro is taking itself out of the game.
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