HIBY R6 - DAP Dual DAC Balanced Out - Great Reviews and Over 500% Funded @ Indiegogo!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Jun 5, 2017.
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  1. stefzulj
    Hoping some people can confirm whether or not they are getting noise from lineout to amp.
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  2. Rewin
    Me too! Noise from line out and when Wifi is activated.
  3. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Hello Talan7,
    Congrats on receiving the player! No, formatting shouldn't be a problem. I guess the ZX2 saved playlists in a proprietary format or maybe not on the card at all. You can make short playlists on the R6 itself easily by tapping the down arrow to the right of a track and choosing "Add to playlist". (this option comes up on holding down on an album, as well.) To find your M3U playlists (if they are compatible), swipe right from the left edge until you bring out the left menu, tap "Music scan", enable "Create playlists from M3U files" and hit Scan.

  4. CactusPete23
    Well if you can speak Chinese and have someone there even half understand you, you're better than me. The word "ma" in Chinese can mean Mother, or Horse, or a few other things depending on the whether you use rising, falling, or other "tone" when you say it. Best not get those mixed up when talking to mom ! :slight_smile: :racehorse: :face_palm:
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  5. talan7
    Ok I got playlists to show up but they’re empty and not in alphabetical order...weird.
  6. doomgazer
    I am having this same issue with the album artwork on a handful of albums. For some reason the first tracks of these albums will come up as not having any artwork (they are properly tagged) causing the whole album not to display the artwork in the albums section. I've tried Poweramp player and the app displays the artwork for the song.

    Another minor annoyance I've had with the HibyMusic app is that when an artist has a name with only one word, and other artists share that word in their name, the app will display albums by the other artist inside the one with the name with only one word. For example, when I press Ghost, it will display albums by another bands called Ghost Brigade, Ghost Witch, Ghost Bath. When I tap on albums by the artists that shouldn't be there, the albums are empty. When I press on the album on the rightful artists section the album dis displayed properly though.
  7. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Can you upload one such m3u file for me to look at?
  8. Mistar Muffin

    Any words on the lengthy Tidal buffering mentioned yesterday? Regardless I wanted to see if anyone else is having touchscreen issues like I am. The problem presents itself as double letters when typing. For example typing "black" will yield blaack. Initially I thought this was just me failing to type on a smaller screen. It only happens when you type very quickly. To duplicate just bring up the keyboard in any text field and using two fingers type two different letters one after another.... practically at the same time. If I put a finger above L and another above A and tap them a few milliseconds apart I get LAA every time. Adjust your fingers so that L is pressed second and you will get a double L instead. The second letter is always the one duplicated. I'm assuming the touchscreen is erroneously detecting two presses of the second letter. I guess it could be some kind of software bug. I replaced the stock keyboard with Gboard from the Play Store and the problem persists. This cripples my ability to type on the R6. I have to work around it by typing unnaturally slow.
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  9. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    I can sort of replicate your issue but that must be some superhuman typing you're doing! For me by the time I am "typing" fast enough to replicate the issue I was throwing random fingers onto the screen and duplicate letters were the last thing I had to worry about accuracy-wise lol! Regardless I've taken note of the issue and will see if it can be fixed. I have a feeling we might in turn be waiting on our touchscreen supplier to update their firmware on this one. :thinking:
  10. okthxbye
    After waiting for over 4 years and being treated like *** by LHLabs, I've finally decided to purchase the Hiby R6. I can't wait to finally receive a audiophile-grade audio player, my first! Excited!
  11. hiawatha
    wooohhoooo shipping notice received :wink:
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  12. stefzulj
    Congrats! I feel your pain a little, maybe not to your extent. I'm still waiting on Trinity PM6 iems purchased in June '16 with no signs of any activity. Because you have waited til now to make your next DAP purchase, I really hope the R6 is everything you expect and more.
  13. DSDHead
    @Joe Bloggs
    Few more bugs found. This time with Bluetooth connection.

    - Connected Bose QuietComfort 35 to R6. Sound comes thru when playing thru HibyMusic app. Turn off R6 and QC35 at night and remove R6 from the room next morning. Next night, turn QC35 back on and it auto connected to R6. Checked R6 bluetooth setting and confirmed connection. Launch HibyMusic and play a song. No sound coming thru to QC35. Switch to Spotify, sound comes thru.
    Turned bluetooth off and on. Disconnect QC35 and reconnect. Turn QC35 off and on. None of this resolve the issue. Have to reboot R6 to fix this issue. Have been rebooting R6 every night.
    The same thing happen when connected to my car bluetooth. It worked when connected the 1st time. When I come back to the car at a later time, Car Bluetooth reconnects to R6 by no sound when playing thru HibyMusic. Spotify works ok.
    When I plug in my headphones to the headphone jack, no sound from HibyMusic app but Spotify works properly. Have to reboot R6 to get it working with headphone again.
    There was one instance when I plug in the headphone jack and the song in HibyMusic app just fast forward 4sec continously thru the whole album, one song after another. I have feedback this issue before in earlier posting. Have experience it 3-4 times already.

    - When changing volume from Bluetooth headphone, volume changes but the volume visual on the R6 pops up but does not change. Not a big issue but thought I feedback.

    - sometimes there is skipping during song when using Bluetooth with HibyMusic app. Have not have this issue with Spotify app.


    - Is clicking sound when changing from line out to headphone normal? Is it changing output circuitry?

    - the blue light (on power button) continuously blink throughout the whole day even with nothing playing. Device is in standby mode. It does get a bit annoying when finishing playing in room at night. Is there any way to turn this off. Is it normal or a bug?

    - wifi keeps going up and down even in same room. It does affect the speed when I use speedtest app to check.

    BTW, I am already on latest firmware.
  14. Yuurei
    Same here. I almost lost hope that but apparently, HiBy sent R6 last week but only today I received a tracking number. I should have R6 in my hands by Friday. :)
  15. hiawatha
    SS version aswell ?
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