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HIBY R6 - DAP Dual DAC Balanced Out - Great Reviews and Over 500% Funded @ Indiegogo!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Jun 5, 2017.
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  1. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    I see. I take it you're using the bundled HiBy Music app when this happens? Please try the following in order:
    1. In HiBy Music, swipe right from the left edge of the screen and tap Settings on the resulting menu. Change DSD mode to PCM (it should be on DoP by default). Now the coax output should be working without doubt. If it isn't, Houston we have a problem :cold_sweat:

    2. If (1) works, try toggling it back to DoP or Native. If it goes back to noise, I have some questions for you:
    (a) You were playing a DSD album? What sample rate? DSD64 or?
    (b) Did you also connect a USB audio device at some point? Did you have "Exclusive HQ USB Audio access" turned on?

    Best regards,
  2. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    No, because we use a forwarding service which sends the products from China to an intermediary location (usually Hong Kong, which is also a part of China depending on who you ask... but I digress) and from there to your hands. They "book" a tracking number in Hong Kong (or wherever) in advance so I would interpret your situation as, we have started shipping from China last Saturday but it hasn't reached FedEx at the intermediate location yet.

    --Joe :)
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  3. Tinnitus Man
    Thanks for the explanation. It kind of makes sense now. I guess it's going to be a gamble whether CNY hits before the package gets to FedEx or not. Still, it shipped earlier than I expected.

    Good luck with the rest of the roll-out!
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  4. DSDHead
    Went straight to 2(b) since it was the 1st thing I see. Turn off Exclusive HQ USB Audio access. It helps and I can hear music now. However, changing from PCM, DoP or Native does not change the output. I can see this as the ifi dac still shows green which indicate cd quality. When I tap on the file res info to see what Hiby app is outputting, it shows 48khz-16bit-pcm. It’s the same even when native is selected. Does this only work with usb connection.
    Found another weird issue. I turn off the device and unplug the coax cable. When I went back later and plugged in the coax again, there is no sound and no noise. Funny thing is the track fast forward by continuously jumping 4sec till end of track. It happens on every track I tried. Closed Hiby app, go thru the sound setting and change output type. Nothing works. Gave up after a while.
    The dsd file I was using is 2822khz-1 bit-5644kbps

    Thank you for the close follow up. It’s been helpful.
  5. Tinnitus Man
    Dang. I have a "shipping exception" on my FedEx tracking. Something about "package received after FedEx cutoff". Let's hope it's just a delay and not a stoppage.
  6. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Hello DSDHead,

    Is the R6 also connected to a USB DAC at the same time while all this is happening, by any chance?

    Or anything plugged into the USB port, for that matter?

    If so, try disconnecting the USB before connecting the coaxial cable.

    In (possibly unrelated) news, we expect to release a firmware update to both China and International firmware streams tomorrow. It will feature the MageSound 8-ball as well as latest bugfixes if all goes well. I could not reproduce your issues on this firmware, although devs say they didn't change anything in regards to the coax out. :thinking:

    Best regards,
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
  7. Leogaluc666

    @Joe Bloggs so I asked a question on indiegogo and hiby told me that my r6 has been shipped but I didn't receive any tracking number, could you give it to me I'm Order ID #480

    Thank you.
  8. DSDHead
    R6 is plugged in IFI Micro iDSD thru the supplied Coax cable. Nothing is connected to the USB C port on R6.
  9. apenney
    You heard the man, reviewers! Tell me about the 2nd plugin and how it's going to blow my mind. (The context was the fact I was looking for bs2b/crossfeed control for headphones!)
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
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  10. Tinnitus Man
    I'd really love to learn what real (non-reviewer) impressions are on the SQ of the R6. Hopefully, those impressions will roll in as the device rolls out.
  11. DSDHead
    @Joe Bloggs
    I finally just rebooted the R6 again. This solves the track fast forwarding issue but the noise in line out came back. It's also audible when using coax. Both WiFi and Bluetooth are turned off. I sometime am able to get rid of the noise by toggling between line out and coax in sound setting but it's inconsistent. My only summary is to give up using the LO/Coax jack altogether.

    After the reboot, the DoP selection finally work when changing between pcm, dop and native I.e. the output the hiby app shows are now different between setting. Also found out dop and native does not work with coax. At dop, it's just no music. At native it's low level white noise.
  12. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Disregard, I saw the answer to my question
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
  13. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    I just looked at the manual for your iDSD and it had this to say about the coaxial port: "Tip: the S/PDIF standard supports only PCM up to 192kHz." Which casts doubt on whether it would be able to interpret any DSD signal, be it DoP or ASIO ("native").

    In any case, its USB input appears to be much more capable (up to DSD512) and so is the USB output of the R6 (up to DSD256 from DSD64 for the coax port), so it would be good to try that.
  14. Rewin
    Just waiting for it too....
  15. davidcotton
    Well finally backed it. Went for black alumininium. Bit odd though. First time I put the order through I got a card declined message, despite all details being correct. Tried it a second time and the payment went through. Then had a phone call from the bank! Seems they'd picked up the first attempt and were concerned, so had to get back in touch with them to ok it. Sorted now.
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