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HIBY R6 - DAP Dual DAC Balanced Out - Great Reviews and Over 500% Funded @ Indiegogo!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Jun 5, 2017.
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  1. nekromantik
    Yeah I have Novas not Orions. They are 22 ohms. So much higher then Andromeda or Orion.

    So far it sounds like main differences between this and the Fiio is neutral vs warm.
    In terms of detail and soundstage is R6 much better as I cant seem to get good price for my X5?
    In terms of hardware I know R6 is much better.
  2. KLJ1992
    Any reason to upgrade/move from the onkyo dpx1a to this?
  3. vinjeman
    Might sound better at fewer $$'s. Always a good incentive...
  4. JoshG1217
    Anyone compared H6 to IFi idsd nano BL? I had it before and returned it because SQ was pretty much equal to ZX300, which is equal to H6, but now I'm wondering if that's the way to go. Have music in one place, bigger screen of phone, etc.

    Anyone directly compare?

  5. tekkster
    Good question. I’d be curious too, as I’ve never heard the nano. Love the micro, but nano is a device I’ve always been a little curious about.
  6. Terthna
    So on a lark, I decided to see if I could get a visualizer working on this thing; and after downloading projectM and futzing with it for a bit, I couldn't even get it to recognize when I was actually playing music on the R6. The animations just sat there and did nothing.

    Am I doing it wrong, or is this just not possible?
  7. auronthas
    Guys or Hiby staffs , any solution ?

    I need to turn off Bluetooth as it keeps pairing on/off Bluetooth 5.0 receiver/transmitter or I need to forget this device
  8. duyanh43
    Just bought the R6 2nd hand, pairing with my DM6. Since the DM6 sensitivity is also high, i don't know how it affect my SQ. I'm listening to them and i don't get noise or something, definitely an upgrade over my old DX120
  9. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Direct Transport Audio means the whole Android audio stack (that the visualizer is listening on) is bypassed. "It's a feature, not a bug" actually applies here :ksc75smile:

    Let me ask the tech staff for further opinion...
  10. KLJ1992
    True but some feedback from people who have/had an x1a never hurts :)
  11. JoshG1217
    Hey guys,

    Currently have the Hiby R6 and fairly happy with it, but Ive noticed my Note 9 sounds almost as good. Something in the soundstage maybe, like the note is a little wider. Idk. Just ordered a balanced cable. People swear by that balanced, so we will see if that makes a difference. I am wondering about R6 vs es100 vs Fiio q5 with phone combo. Anyone have all these?
  12. JoshG1217
    Also curious what the next logical upgrade may be for a DAP. ... Don't say R6 Pro.
  13. duyanh43
    I doubt the balanced port will make big differences. It indeed provide double the output power and maybe a little bit upgrade on sound quality. Hmm i don't think the Note9 can touch the R6's sonic capabilities. What headphones you are using right now? Because i also have V20 and the R6 is superior in every way
  14. fox403
    Ordered a R6 last week to be delivered to Uk, DHL just hit me with a customs bill for £18 so not bad, Now to hunt for cases, screen protection, balanced cable, got two new Sd cards here to start filling up :)
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
  15. KLJ1992
    I'm leanin to buyin an r6 next paycheck, sing the hiby player on my onkyo dpx1a and I'm likin it so far that I wanna try the r6
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