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Hiby R6 Android Player - Brand New (Sealed)

Trader History (14)
  1. Benz-Fi
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • North America
    Brand new in the box, sealed and never opened

    Hiby R6 Player is in Black Aluminum, great player for a great price: $425

    Price includes Shipping in the US, buyer pays PP fees. - Will consider trade offers, looking for TOTL IEMs and Headphones.

    Please PM with any questions
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  2. PumpUpTheVolume
    Do you still have your Hiby R6 and are you open to trades? I have a few headphones and iems I'm not using that I could trade. I also have a Audio Aroma A100 portable amp that I could trade as well.
  3. Benz-Fi
    Yeah still have it, and sure I will consider trades for headphones and iems. Send me a PM. Thanks!
  4. Benz-Fi
    Still available.
  5. Benz-Fi
  6. Benz-Fi
  7. y0da_cod3r
    325+final audio e4000?
  8. Benz-Fi
    Thanks for the offer but I already own the e4000.
  9. y0da_cod3r
    Bose qc20i ?
  10. hammer time
    sent you offer
    pls advise

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