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Hiby R3 Pro Portable Bluetooth DAP

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by acygni, Oct 3, 2019.
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  1. purplesun
    I think my KSC75 has about same specs (60ohms, 101db). R3 Pro at 60% volume@high gain is already slightly too loud for me on KSC75. With regard to music dynamics, KSC75 sounded quite similar (at similar volume), with or without additional external amping playing from R3Pro.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2020
  2. expatriot
    how about $399 for R5, discounted currently $339.
  3. twister6 Contributor
  4. expatriot
    Oh wow, just bought it on New Years Eve for $345 at a store near me.
  5. JacuzziJoe
    Ordered it instantly!!! Honestly what a steal for 299. and it is also Amazon Music HD Certified :dt880smile:
  6. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    I have the answer and the answer is no so far :frowning2:

    Neither the R3 nor any (our company's or any company's) non Android / iOS based player (or, in other words, any other than an OS that runs TIDAL's own apps as opposed to making use of their API for third parties) will ever be able to do it unless policy about this changes in the future. The limitation is not a technical one.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2020
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  7. hornytoad
    Thanks for the clarification Joe.
  8. Schnaxi
    Thanks for this ... thats helps !
  9. Atmosflip
    Recieved my r3 pro about a week ago. I must say I am pretty happy with it in general. Coming back to this bluetooth issue, i've upgraded to 1.2 and I'm connecting to it with SBC from my laptop and it sucks! less than a meter away and it's choppy. Is this still the case for other owners?

    AAC with my phone is just fine i can walk all over my appartment with no problems... maybe it's something to do with the bluetooth antenna in my laptop... :frowning2:

    EDIT: ok... seems like my laptop never had the right bluetooth drivers and that should have been an obvious fix, I suppose you can't always trust the drivers windows installs automatically. SBC now working @ 4m.. but with a little delay. At least the stuttering has vanished when it's 'in range'

    I'm so happy with this little player it does everything I could hope for. Not to mention the battery life.... I have listened to it for around 8 hours per day since i recieved it and after around 10 hours since I last charged it it's on 46%.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2020 at 4:18 AM
  10. cleg
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  11. kDbJ
    Funny. It looks like awesome little player, but why on earth in those wireless times there are a lot complaints for its bluetooth connection issues?!
    I'm glad I've cancelled my order in time, especially since no one at HiBY's seems to care about it. Really, HiBY? Is the "TWS" abbreviation tells You nothing? Never mind, I've ordered SHaNGLiNG Q1 yet, although I prefer R3 Pro outlook more.
  12. fish1050
    Yeah I was looking at the R3 Pro but might go for the Q1 when it comes to Canada. Hiby is a software company that only recently started making DAP's. It seems they still need to figure out some things on the hardware side. Sony, Shanling, and Fiio have been making hardware longer and sell other bluetooth capable products so are much better with wireless setup on these DAP's. I will probably steer clear of Hiby until their products become more mature. Fiio went through the same thing with their first DAP's though Hiby seems further along than Fiio was at this stage.

    Out of curiosity I checked the headphonebar site, they only dealer in Canada that sells Hiby products. They had this posted for the R3 Pro **Coming soon, more info before Christmas**. January is almost over and still no update on the R3 Pro availability. These kinds of delays make me even more skidish about buy a Hiby DAP, or any DAP for that matter.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2020 at 2:42 PM
  13. twister6 Contributor
    After I posted my R3 Pro review, I got a ton of messages asking where to get it. So I contacted Hiby and the last I heard they were completely sold out of R3 Pro and waiting to resume working on the next batch after CNY. And not only Hiby, but distributors like Musicteck were sold out, thus I assume headphonebar could be in the same boat. So, it's not really "coming soon", but more like out of stock. Or if headphonebar never got it in stock, they might still have "coming soon" message since they are waiting for their stock.
  14. thesheik137

    A bit harsh to make that kind of judgement based on a couple of user experiences.

    I have had 3 Hiby DAPs (R6 Pro, R5, R3 Pro) and had no hardware or software issues that would lead me to avoid them as a company. In fact, their software integration with the product is very good and their performance and speed are definitely above average.

    Regarding bluetooth specifically, I use only LDAC connection with my Oneplus 5T and have not experienced any drop-off or cut-out of the signal after 1.5 months of usage. I'm not invalidating others' experiences or issues, but bluetooth issues are depend on many variables such as codec, distance, location, other device hardware, etc. Additionally, software updates may resolve these issue in the future especially considering how new the R3 Pro still is.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2020 at 4:37 PM
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  15. fish1050
    Fair enough but my comment about being new to the hardware side is true. Alot of my unease with Hiby right or wrong comes from the R3 and its what 10 or more firmware updates. I have read reviews on the R5 and R6/Pro and they look like really nice DAP's, though the R5 has been dinged a little for bluetooth as well. I have no doubt given the products they have released so far that Hiby will be a consideration for my DAP's at some point. I think I will be more comfortable with them once they have a longer track record. I was the same way with Fiio and I avoided them like the plague for several years after bad experiences with the X1 and X3. But my last two DAP's have been Fiio with the M7 which I am selling and currently owning the M9 which I like very much though it was an impulse buy on Black Friday with a big price drop. While it sounds great it is overkill for my needs and I need more battery life than it provides as I travel alot. For traveling as much as I do the R3 Pro would have been a great option and I am looking at the Shanling Q1 as a great portable option as well.

    The R3 Pro is the current Hiby DAP offering in my price range. I need to read reviews that indicate bluetooth is solid on the R3 Pro and I am reading reviews to the contrary. My Sony A17, Shanling M0, Fiio M7 and M9 have all worked great for bluetooth in the environments I use them. I use bluetooth alot and LDAC standard and HQ almost exclusively. Bluetooth support is right up there for me after sound quality and usability, and price of course. There is alot to like about the R3 Pro for sure which is why I am still following this thread. It ticks alot of boxes for me but bluetooth support is one of the big boxes that needs a check mark.
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